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  • Chatbot-Solutions-Clavax

    Top AI Chatbot Trends to Help Businesses in 2018

    Artificial Intelligence is not just for big brands anymore. Thanks to the technology advances that have been responsible for the remarkable shift from conventional mobile app development to AI chatbots. (more…)

  • Google Insights 2018

    Insights on Google I/O 2018 Updates: Google is Ready to Flex its AI Muscle

    Google’s I/O 2018 updates has kicked off with a big focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With its amazing products like Google Duplex and Google Lens, the audience will get an awe-inspiring experience in the future. (more…)

  • Inhouse VS Outsourcing

    Outsourcing vs In-house Software Development: Which Option Makes More Business Sense and When?

    Be it a startup or enterprise, companies are often in dilemma of choosing outsourcing or in-house software development team. However, you can never come down to one option as both the approaches have its own advantages and snags. (more…)

  • Deepak Tomar

    Clavax Technologies’ CTO – Deepak Tomar Shares Mindful Insights of the Company with GoodFirms

    Clavax Technologies is a full-fledged IT Solutions Company, established in June-2011, that offers complete product development starting from documentation of the basic idea, modifying the features, developing them into one integrated software product and launching it to an extremely diversified client base. (more…)

  • CMS System

    GDPR Compliance-Things to Expect from Your CMS Vendor

    If you are a business owner having a website of your own, then you must have heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and how important it is to make your website compliant with it before it comes into effect on 25th May 2018. It’s kind of a big deal as non-compliant companies will have to pay heavy fines. (more…)