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  • How Big Data is Revolutionizing Restaurant Industry - Clavax

    How Big Data is Revolutionizing Restaurant Industry

    We’re amid a technologically intelligent era, where manual endeavor seems too old school! Every industry is going through a revamp adapting distinctive, rather offbeat strategies and approaches to generate higher profit margins and extend business possibilities to the next level. (more…)

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    Top AI Chatbot Trends to Help Businesses in 2018

    Artificial Intelligence is not just for big brands anymore. Thanks to the technology advances that have been responsible for the remarkable shift from conventional mobile app development to AI chatbots. (more…)

  • Big Data and Blockchain

    Big Data and Blockchain – The Match Made in Heaven

    The massive tech trends that have been taking over almost all our attention are Big Data and Blockchain. While Big Data helps in analyzing data for business insights, Blockchain focusses mainly on changing the nature of transaction together. We know how powerful they are on their own, imagine the magic that will be created by binding Big Data and Blockchain together. Let’s find out if they are the match made in heaven or not.


  • Big Data Revolutionize Mobile App

    How Will Big Data Revolutionize Mobile App Development Industry?

    Remember the time when having a mobile phone in your pocket was a new and exciting feeling? As the technology advances over the years, phones have become an inevitable part of our life that has completely change the way we live or work. We rely on the apps installed on our phones to perform several tasks which involve the use of data. (more…)

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    Top Big Data Trends That Will Impact Your Enterprise

    Big Data has come a long way ever since its existence and has played a key role in changing the way we do business. No matter what kind of business you are dealing with, data is the most important asset irrespective of the business size. (more…)