• Increasing Trend of Agile Development for Mobile Apps

    In this world of the digital era, we are becoming highly dependent on our smartphones for every single task whether it is for shopping, ordering food, hiring a cab, etc. The mobile apps serve as a medium through which we can carry out these daily tasks giving us ease and instant service. (more…)

  • What are the Elements of a Top-notch Customer Experience?

    Earlier, success of every business was determined various factors such as providing high-quality products to the customers, best possible value for money and top-notch customer service. But now the element that plays an important in success is nothing other than customer experience. Delivering an optimal experience can give rise to new ways for your business. But first, what is this customer experience that everyone is talking about? (more…)

  • How to Choose a Web Development Company?

    Whether you are a startup or major player in the global arena, web development has become an indispensable part of any business in the 21st century. For every business, it is required to maintain a website that can help you in attaining exposure you always required. Hence, it is necessary to keep a regular check on the overall aspects of the website. (more…)

  • Customer Loyalty Trends to Look Out for in 2016

    Have you ever noticed a common factor that every successful business share? Yes, it is nothing other than loyal and repeat customers. They are the ones that play an important role in advocating your brand to others. In 21st century, customer loyalty is the new driver of market landscape. Hence, it is mandatory to provide great customer experiences, beyond various channels, 24/7.

    Here we have listed out the hottest customer loyalty trends for this year. Come, let’s take a look:


  • Clavax Founder talks about Business Model and Value Addition Services

    GoodFirms, a US based research company has recently launched results of its latest survey. The company had conducted a survey to study some top companies those provide the best mobile apps development services with respect to cost and time. This survey was conducted among 50 leading app development companies worldwide among which Clavax Technologies LLC secured a remarkable place.

    GoodFirms also held an interview with Deepak Tomar, CTO of Clavax Technologies and asked him about the various steps involved in developing a successful and bug free mobile app and website. To their questions regarding time taken and cost involved in developing the app and website, Deepak Tomar started by saying, (more…)