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  • app-design-clavax

    App Design: Keeping it Simple!

    App development has transformed into a complex process where simplicity trumps the features and functionalities. Creating that balance between a powerful application with a rich feature-set and a simple interface is a seemingly hard task. Numerous features, use cases, page flows or app-user interactions can often render the design messy. However, as designers and app developers, what do they do?

    The answer to this apparently complicated question is actually quite simple: Keep it simple! Cut the non-essential components and focus on the most essential ones. (more…)

  • Startup Growth

    3 Elements Defining Startups Success

    With apps in the Google and Apple app stores surpassing 1.3 and 1.2 million, respectively, everyone out there is ready to build the next Facebook, Instagram or Uber. However, only a few startups are successful in achieving the growth needed to become a multibillion dollar company.

    Technology news these days often features billion dollar valuations and huge growths of startups, but the truth is far from true. When Facebook started off, neither was it such a novel idea, nor was it a first of its kind in the market. Similarly, AltaVista and Yahoo preceded Google; DropBox came into the picture when cloud computing became a cliché.