Secure Your Data from Unknown
Threats & Cyberattacks

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  • Identify Vulnerabilities

  • Quickly Detect & Resolve

  • Increase Security Awareness

  • Protect Mission Critical Data

  • Uncover Insider Threats

  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Our Services

Eliminate Security Risks & Protect Your Enterprise Data

Web Security

The services will enable your organization to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data in the web applications.

  • Security against various web attacks, DDoS & site scraping
  • Assess the web applications for vulnerabilities
  • Protecting data against unauthorized access/exposure
  • Understand the security of apps handling critical data

Mobility Security

The services will not only secure the mobile devices & installed applications but also help organizations to leverage devices to enhance overall security & streamline business processes.

  • Review mobile app security requirements
  • Identify risk with newly built mobile apps
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities
  • Uncover gap in existing security defenses

Compliance Security

The auditors will ensure that the regulatory requirements are not being compromised & sensitive assets are protected.

  • Retail & business - PCI-DSS compliance
  • Healthcare - HIPAA, HITECH compliance
  • Government compliance
  • Auditing and reporting

Cloud Security

The auditors will make use of robust cyber security services for secure operations & protect existing systems. Even a slight issue in the enterprise network can lead to a significant financial loss.

  • Cyber and Virtualization Security
  • Proactive Network Risk Assessment
  • Host and End Point Security
  • Datacenter & Perimeter Security

Ways Audit can be Carried Out

External Audit


  • Collection of Public information
  • External Penetration
  • Destructive Test
  • Non-destructive Test

Internal Audit


  • Collection of Confidential information
  • Reviewing Security policy
  • Internal Penetration
  • Change Management

Know Why Your

BUSINESS Needs a Security Audit

Ensures that security systems & processes in your organization are working as intended

Protect mission-critical organizational data from unauthorized update or access

Identify the IT Risks of organization related to Integrity, confidentiality & Availability

Evaluate and strengthen controls to improve Security after assessment of the risks

Verify compliance with regulations that meets security specific requirements

Bridge the gap associated with the existing security practices & operations

test the efficiency of your security defenses & stay protected Always!


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