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  • Top Technology Trends Leading the Real Estate Industry in 2020

    Real Estate operations are no more running the traditional way, they’re distinctive and far more advanced! Real estate mobile applications and websites today are receiving immense popularity, firstly due to the expanding digital possibilities, and secondly, in the pandemic suffering era we hardly are left with options! With all the rapid changes in the real estate industry, business owners are required to be known and all prepared for...

  • Covid-19 Impact: How Real Estate Digitalization Becoming the New Normal

    From the past few years, many technological solutions have been introduced that enable real estate companies to enhance resilience, maintain stability, and ensure continuity.  However, the adoption of digital tools has been slow in a few companies as they didn’t find the immediate need to transform their on-going operations. The COVID-19 outbreak becomes a genuine catalyst to adopt real estate software solutions at an unprecedented...

  • How’s Technology helping Real Estate Industry in the times of COVID 19 Crisis

    Real Estate is an evolving industry and Technology has been a major player in the rise! Revolutionary technology tools are the stepping stone shaping the commercial and residential real estate sectors to paint an entirely new shift.In the times of a pandemic, where people fear losing what they have, it can be a great threat to the economies and real estate will be the most affected area. COVID 19 isn’t just a no vaccine disease, it&rsquo...

  • How Business Intelligence is Affecting the Real Estate Industry

    Noticing the demand, real estate markets are prone to change. With time real estate has grown by leaps and bounds to ensure complete confidentiality and security as it involves an immense amount of transactions. Complete transparency and the ability to analyze insights quickly are essential requirements to achieve success in the marketplace.Related Article : Big Data is Impacting Real Estate IndustryIt should come as no surprise that the...

  • How is a Real Estate Mobile App imperative for Business Growth?

    Mobile apps are imperative! Unlike the times when websites were the first option to look for a brand, today, mobile apps have taken the front row attracting a better user base and building customer trust. Currently, mobile app accounts for over 80% of mobile times wherein 58% of millennials and 46% of homebuyers have found their home on a mobile device!Real Estate market is competitive and not everyone is working the right way, most business...


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