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  • How Self-Service Technology Will Transform The Future of Restaurant Industry?

    As we know the ongoing pandemic is impacting our lives and businesses to a huge extent, the contactless business is coming to the trend. If we talk about the restaurant industry, many dining cafes need to prepare for restored and enhanced service operations post COVID era. Customers demand the usage of technologies for convenience and ease along with quick service. As more and more diners place huge value on faster ordering & instant...

  • Trends that will Transform the Future of Food Delivery in 2020

    According to a survey conducted in 2019 among the restaurants which have opted for app-based online delivery apps, “the majority of restaurants said that people nowadays are showing little interest in coming to restaurants and prefer online delivery most of the time.” A similar attitude resulted in increase in sales, reported by 60% of the restaurants in the league.  Currently, the global food ordering and delivery market is...

  • Restaurants Technologies Upgrading Your Business

    Restaurant innovations in mind? Glittering up the old d├ęcor isn’t really a bad idea anyway! Despite having a string of restaurants in action, not everyone’s having a technology ready platform to get the best results. You can still be among the top impact makers by implementing the latest technologies and leading the restaurant game like a pro!Online OrderingBasic but the most important aspect, often overlooked! Most of the...

  • How Technology is disrupting the Food Industry in 2019

    Best investments are worth the risk and that’s what technology is bringing to us! As a business owner, you must be aware of the aggressive technology implementation in every possible aspect. The most advancing ones include the implementation of Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence, nearing a disruption for the Restaurant Industry.  Let’s keep the focus on letting things be simple and understandable. Firstly...

  • Chatbots Raising the Bar for Restaurant Industry

    37% of Americans would use a chatbot to get a quick answer, in an emergency! Interestingly, 15% of Americans are already using a chatbot to interact with a company and that’s how chatbots are speedily surpassing the classic e-mail communication concept, of course to some extent!“Businesses should be available and contactable via messaging applications”, looking at the rising competition in the industry, the biggies have...

  • How Big Data is Revolutionizing Restaurant Industry

    We’re amid a technologically intelligent era, where manual endeavor seems too old school! Every industry is going through a revamp adapting distinctive, rather offbeat strategies and approaches to generate higher profit margins and extend business possibilities to the next level.The online food delivery platforms are expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a tap on their...


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