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  • How Open-Source Development is the Right Choice for Everything Tech

    It’s the time we should realize the power of Open-Source software, especially for modern developers today! It is quite a powerful and unique tool wherein open-source code is written by developers to be used for developers. Open-source has evolved over the years, currently playing a crucial role in the tech industry.Why are we emphasizing open-source is because it represents a specific approach of creating computer programs which include...

  • PWA vs. Native Mobile Apps: Which One is better?

    With the evolution of technologies, every organization is bringing swift changes in their business processes to help them deliver a better customer experience. More and more people are spending time on mobile devices to access online services in this digital world we live in. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without our smartphones! No customers have time for bad experiences and their demands are increasing more than ever over the years...

  • Will React JS Conquer the Modern Web Apps Market?

    Since the last decade, we have seen enormous growth in the adoption of mobile and modern web applications that are powered by lightweight JavaScript libraries. Considering there are a plethora of frameworks and libraries available, don’t be the victim of bothersome “paradox of choice”; that means the dilemma of choosing the best one over others.  Choosing the right tech stack is a tedious task yet a crucial one. ...

  • How Progressive Web Apps are becoming the Future for Big Brands

    The IT industry is on a constant lookout for technologies that can bring swift change in their business processes and help them deliver a smoother customer experience. With its advent, PWA has become more prevalent as it is fully-supported by various platforms including, Chrome and Opera, while Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple iOS are making strides in offering complete support to PWA technology. The growing support for PWA has led to an...

  • How to Estimate Web App Development Project | Web App Development Cost Calculator

    The importance of web applications cannot be denied even when we are staying in a mobile dominant world. Web applications have a significant impact on the user’s mind and act as an integral part of a business’s presence online. It turns out to be an online brochure or marketing forefront of any company. Hundreds of web applications are launched every month. Surprisingly, the enigma no longer exists whether you need a web...

  • Is Django The Right Framework For Your Web Development Project?

    The foremost challenge while making your project successful is choosing the right technology. Although with continuous evolutions in technology, several frameworks are available in the marketplace. Hire a reliable software development company that not only helps you find the right solutions for your project but also helps you achieve your business goals. When it comes to backend web development, Pyramid, TurboGears, Django, and Web2py are...

  • Top Development Trends in 2020 You Must Be Aware Of

    Having just an online presence of your business is no longer enough to impress the evolving needs of your customers. With so many service providers offering similar services, customers have choices and they may dismiss your brand and shift to your next competitor. That is why organizations must keep updated with the latest technology and development trends to ensure business growth. The question that may arise is whether your business is doing...

  • Why your E-Commerce Needs a Progressive Web Application

    With the emergence of progressive web apps in 2015, many organizations have leveraged its capabilities to deliver highly engaging user experiences and increase the user base. Using PWA many notable organizations like Trivago, Twitter, OYO, and Walmart have doubled conversation rates in a short time interval.The PWA advantage in E-commerce Business PWA topmost benefit is that it combines the best of native app and web capabilities. Here are a...

  • Top Kentico 12 MVC Features You Must Be Aware Of

    Living in a modern digital era, we know for the fact that no business can be successful without having its online presence. Developing a customized website is one of the easiest ways to boost your brand presence and CMS plays a significant role in building and maintaining the website. The finest content management systems (CMS) are the ones that can deliver flexibility, efficiency and return on investment (ROI). If we talk about the enterprise...

  • How Emerging Technology PWA Impacts Media & Entertainment Industry

    Mobile applications or mobile web experience, which is a smarter option for your business? It’s an ultimate question in the development industry. Undoubtedly, mobile applications are better. But having said that, with continuous evolutions we’ve got the latest trends that are changing the ways users utilize the technology.  One of the most popular technologies used is a progressive web app (PWA). Leveraging the capabilities...

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