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  • How Business Intelligence Turns your E-commerce Store into Success

    Countless technologies stand to benefit e-commerce business. While some of them have the potential to transform your online e-commerce store but, not all technologies are as robust as Business Intelligence (BI) in this context. Business Intelligence combines strategies and best-in-class technologies to breakdown the most crucial information for easy understanding. It not only helps organizations to gather data and relevant insights but also...

  • Artificial Intelligence Transforming Education

    Academics are turning more personalized and a way more convenient for the students. It can surely be treated as an achievement due to the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence field. With the numerous applications modifying the way we’re learning and making education more accessible to the students.    It's not just the students who benefit from the technology implementations, AI can help in automating and...

  • Big Data Predictions in 2020

    According to the World Economic Forum, it is predicted by 2020 that the amount of data we produce will reach a staggering 44 zettabytes. Data is ever-expanding, and it needs to be handled & gathered in the best possible way. To date, we have seen big data analytics making the massive shift in the way business is being done but it can be exciting to see what technology has in store in 2020. Let’s find out the top data analytics...

  • How Business Intelligence is Affecting the Real Estate Industry?

    Noticing the demand, real estate markets are prone to change. With time real estate has grown by leaps and bounds to ensure complete confidentiality and security as it involves an immense amount of transactions. Complete transparency and the ability to analyze insights quickly are essential requirements to achieve success in the marketplace.It should come as no surprise that the real estate industry is increasingly dependent on real estate...

  • How’s Machine Learning Ensuring Data Security

    Data security has been the most talked-about topics, why? Tons of data are produced daily, which is later transferred to a secured space. Well, this isn’t as sorted as it sounds. Data is the key for any business and even a slight mishandling can be a tough situation to deal with!So, what’s the tiebreaker here? With the technology breakthrough, data security can be taken care to the maximum possible extent. At the simplest level...

  • How Artificial Intelligence is striking hard on our everyday life?

    While talking about artificial intelligence, we may have an image of some robots working out and humans are relaxing, with letting the machines take over! Well, AI is no rocket science, it’s a way for enabling people to accomplish more by collaborating smart software.AI is powerful, its smart technology has the potential to improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy! At some places AI has even replaced human workers with a way more...

  • Big Data is Impacting Real Estate Industry

    Since the very beginning, the real estate industry is letting people find suitable properties and the most loved homes. Improving at every step, the industry has been bringing up new technological advancements each day.Big Data implementations in Real Estate is currently the most talked about technology obsession! Well, you might raise a question over the usage, the need to analytic and the perks of having the technology at work, let...

  • How Big Data Analytics Has Become Treasure Trove for E-Commerce Industry

    We are living in a cognitive world where ‘data’ is the new oil. Every digital business wants to leverage data to provide differentiated customer service and fuel business growth. It is especially true for the E-Commerce industry which has emerged as an out-of-the-ordinary in the technology-driven economic landscape. In the digital age, where the number of smartphones is rising every day, the number of online buyers is expected to...

  • Is Big Data Analytics Taking the Pharma Industry by Storm?

    Every company in the pharmaceuticals industry is overwhelming with data that are not easily capable of leveraging. Pharma manufacturers, research departments, hospitals, etc. generate a humungous amount of data from patients & retailers, putting them in a constant struggle with a low success rate in their R&D activities. Big Data Analytics can be extremely beneficial, as it can harness this data and gain timely insights for improved...

  • Top Big Data Analytics Trends That Will Dominate 2019

    Even though there is an overwhelming amount of information created every day that is valuable for the growth of the businesses, it can be a challenging task to extract actionable insights from all the data. To cope up with such situation, huge enterprises and small companies rely on big data to stay ahead in the competition with business-driven data approach. 2018, the significant year of data is coming to an end. Research says Big Data Market...

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