Advanced AI-Powered Image Recognition Social Networking Platform that lets you Connect and Shop at the Same Time!


TruePicShop, Inc. is a San Jose based tech company that aimed at revolutionizing the shopping experience for people across the nation. The main motive behind the development of this app is to connect with new people, share pictures, and do shopping all at the same time. One of the unique features of the platform is that it uses image recognition technology that enables users to shop their favorites instantly anytime and anywhere. Moreover, with exquisite collaboration with top-selling partners, the app offers similar results with fine-grained object recognition to make the buying process like a breeze.

icon Challenges

The client wanted us to develop a social networking app that provides a fast and convenient way of searching for products online. With social networking aspects, users can save what they like, share with acquaintances, and shop seamlessly. The major problem client wanted to solve through this app is to recognize the image right and offer users the exact results, enabling smart purchase. Besides, what’s more, important was how fast the app responds when the user captures images and delivers smooth performance at the same time.

icon Solutions

We successfully built an app for both the platforms (iOS & Android) that uses mobile image recognition technology, allowing users to search for anything on a mobile device just by taking a picture or selecting the image you like from the social feed. Our state-of-the-art and superior image recognition solution, helps users to identify captured images with great precision and trigger real-time actions based on internet search results. The app enables users to view related/ similar product results that deliver an engaging mobile experience.

  • Enable Vision Product Search : We used visual search API which allows you to capture the image with great precision. In this way, customers get what they exactly want within seconds. Moreover, to improve the online shopping experience, the app compares prices of the captured product from all the partner websites, allowing users to quickly buy their favorites.
  • AI Capabilities in Image Recognition : To fetch the best results, we combined different libraries and AI-based rules to showcase accurate results. It bridges the gap between physical and digital commerce by effectively connecting consumers to the products they want.
  • Promote Social Networking : A custom-built social media timeline allows users to post pictures on the app wall, enabling customers to view the latest trends. Users can also create groups and communities in the app to allow communication with great ease.
  • Reduced Load Time : To offer a robust performance of the app, we use cache memory at the backend based on the daily searches. It stores the previously searched results in the cache thus, whenever any customer searches a similar item again can view results faster. Cache memory minimizes load time & delivers the best user experience.

Technology Stack

Focused on excellence, our developers have used the latest technologies and APIs to build the app.


We successfully delivered an AI-based shopping cum social networking app named as ‘TruePicShop’, which had the capabilities to increase conversions and decrease shopping cart abandonment while leveraging the potential of visual search. 


Easy-to-use and robust app interface that helps to explore and shop new products anytime you want.


The app offers powerful image recognition solution that enhances the shopping experience for people around the world.


Intuitive notification panel which lets you receive a notification on every new happening such as feeds, comments, etc. 

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