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We’re the top real estate mobile app service providers in California, offering the best in class services and a smartly designed real estate auction management software. Being amongst the most talked about names in the industry, we experiment with the latest technologies and bring out the suitable options for your requirement.

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Property Management

Unable to manage the properties listed on your real estate platform? Never mind! We’re ready to go with a comprehensive approach to real estate solutions, assuring that the real estate markets have a specific solution that addresses every real estate management requirement. With the constant support of cloud-based architecture, our solution provides smooth access to leasing and available property information. We dedicatedly build CRM apps for complete property management in order to store contact information, leases, move-in/out schedules, maintaining better communication amongst the landowners and the renters. Our approach to real estate solutions ensures property managers have solutions that are potential to solve specific real estate management requirements.

Auction Software

We’re developing a custom auction software letting the buyers & sellers share interaction at one platform for conducting real estate auctions. Our ready to go platform facilitates searching for your new home, browse available properties nearby/ specified locations and let the potential buyers bid on the property they like. We have bought in action a smooth solution simplifying online auction and serve a complete solution for the seller to have a platform for listing their properties and for the buyers longing for a platform to find the best properties listed on the platform. Get right on the track with the real estate auction management software sorting out the bidding hassles and finding right solution for your business. With an auction software that is accurate, the auctioneers, bidders, and agents can avail the benefits of having everything they need on a single platform.

Real Estate App Development

Mobile applications are finding its way to almost every industry and e-commerce is one of the most impacted ones! The real estate industry requires an app to be a bridge between the buyers and sellers, letting them find and sell properties. We’re constantly striving to elevate the property market from a traditional aspect to a digitally sound system, increasing its presence to let it reach the buyers and sellers with an all improved property buying experience. Perks include the convenience of accessing property options with the help of a handy device for contacting agents and shortlisting the verified properties for a site visit and ultimately finalizing the deal.  

Multiple Listing Service

Our MLS platform enables the buyers and sellers to analyze heaps of property listings improving reliability and efficiency in the marketplace. It leverages the real estate business with customized search engines & spreadsheet apps for statistical analysis with offline, online and mobile access. Smooth and sorted listings aren’t a bonus just for the agents and sellers but, it’s an added advantage for the buyers searching for properties at their desired locations or specifications. Our competitive real estate software solutions allow MLS to get updated regularly, making information up and live with every single minute. Multiple listing services are organized and operated by professional, licensed real estate agents, with the major benefit of having an option of MLS in the real estate software, eliminating the sales commission which is paid to the brokers.

Real Estate Valuation Engines

Our impactful real estate valuation engines determine the valuation & initiate the analysis of a wide range of properties without errors and wasting time. Through the help of predictive analytics, it offers an easy and intuitive user interface with complete projections. The real estate valuation engines can be quite a reliable and useful tool to determine property valuations and analytics for a huge number of properties as the complete valuation is tough and time taking. We let the customers get accurate data analysis and let them have the best possible option to frame their strategies. We’re up and accessible with an advanced real estate software solution to get you the correct solution.

Staying on Track with Internet Data Exchange

IDX or Information Data exchange is an agreement between the selling agents/brokers and buyers to display multiple listings of the properties across various websites. The best in class real estate service providers California prefer having IDX services in almost every real estate platform boosting its online presence and extending search operations for enhanced usability.

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We’re a customer-focused real estate software solution company in California having considerable experience in constructing digitally transformative & feature-packed mobile applications with a complete predesigned platform tailored to the client requirements. We assure that our clients get the best real estate auction management software to reach mass customer base and improve business operations.

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    • Customer Made Solutions
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Real Estate App Development Process

  • Gathering Project Requirements

We understand the client’s requirements as the first step. Initially gathering the requirements which are later analyzed and determined through various factors impacting development cost and time

  • UI/UX Design

It is imperative to make sure the app looks good as a viewer. We understand the concept of user engagement and provide the best in class look and feel along with maintaining the uniformity without hampering the operational speed

  • Prototype

Right before the completion of the development, we let you confirm the feasibility with a complete prototype. It’s a scalable & high-performance prototype that is validated by the end-user to ensure the product runs exactly how you require

  • Deployment

We reassure before the project goes live. Our technology experts ensure that every project is initially deployed on the locally hosted servers to check its usability & stability on different platforms.

  • Support

We let the customers feel we care, our round the clock support team ensure to have you covered and keep the system operational & updated with the evolving requirements.

  • Maintenance

Even after the project delivery, we’re available 24/7 to offer support and keep track of the services of the delivered project. We always ensure customers have the best of the services, updated as per the evolving needs.

Real Estate Auction Software Bringing Impactful Results

Get the best in class auction management software developer for your upcoming real estate project. Get your complete real estate platform in place with tailor-made solutions to get ahead of the competition. Transform the digital operations with robust mobile applications and a feature-packed website, assuring maximum growth in a minimum possible budget.

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