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We are a well-renowned web development company in New York with a robust team of skilled developers who exhibit in-depth expertise & power of modern frameworks. From design to integration to maintenance, we ensure delivery of full-cycle web development services offering unmatched performance to the businesses.

Custom Web

Quality CMS Web Applications

Whether you are a small organization or a high-level enterprise, our custom-made CMS web development solutions enable you to easily update and manage the website without the need for technical expertise. At Clavax, we are backed up by a team of expert designers and developers that delivers a wide range of CMS services providing unified access to enterprise information leading towards better business goals.
From basic CMS to advanced enterprise CMS, our services let you modify, delete and edit the content, images or videos and even change the structure of the website. As one of the most renowned web app development companies NYC, we make use of trending CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. to offer services that are aligned with all the essential features tailored to meet the growing demands across various industries. Talk to our CMS experts to embrace the endless advantages of using a hassle-free content management platform and manage any changes on your website effortlessly.


Responsive eCommerce Web Development

Having a digital presence of your business is the best way to provide seamless shopping experiences to your customers. As a leading web app development agency in New York.
We make use of diverse eCommerce platforms & technologies to deliver exceptional eCommerce websites for enterprises and SMEs. Our eCommerce solutions are tailored to meet unique clients’ needs serving across various industries like retail, healthcare, real estate, finance, etc. Reach us to develop an online store that is not only user-friendly but also delivers a seamless experience to make your brand stand out from its competition.

Custom Web

Tailored Web Application Development

Whether you are building a customized solution for your organization from the ground-up, or a web app suite, our wide-ranging expertise enables clients to build cross-platform solutions for any industry verticals irrespective of business size, complexity or need. We understand that every business has its unique needs, which is why we assign a team of skilled designers and coders to help each project achieve perfection.

Our custom solutions are developed after conducting detailed research to understand individual client’s requirements & market demands. Known for the top eCommerce web app development New York


Engaging Progressive Web Apps

We are the leading web app development firm in New York that holds expertise in offering the best progressive web application development services. With the perfect combination of web and mobile apps, we develop PWA that doesn’t require to be installed from the app store. PWA aims to deliver an app-like experience to users, making it easy to install and accessed through the home screen. With offline access and add to home screen functionality, PWA enables businesses to deliver exceptional user experience without taking up space of users’ devices.

At Clavax, we leverage the potential of PWA to develop web apps that are not only easy to load but also responsive across screen sizes. Delivering services for many industries, we use the latest coding practices and advanced web capabilities to deliver high-performance and flawless progressive web apps. If you want enhanced engagement and superior conversions in your business, switch to PWA and convert your existing websites to result-oriented progressive web apps that will outperform the native web apps.

Delivering Services Across Industries

Known for having a diverse portfolio, Clavax is the top web development company in New York that offers bespoke web development services to fulfill specific business needs for different industries. We understand that every business is different from one another, which is why we focus on delivering projects using the right talent and specialized expertise.


Make your business stand out from your competition with our all-inclusive eCommerce solutions and attract more visitors. Our experts in web development company NYC enable businesses to increase their business value with enhanced in-store experiences that meet the customers’ evolving expectations.

Real Estate

Enhance your real estate business with our innovative solutions that deliver unmatched flexibility to your customers and simplify the process of the property search. We help to streamline the business processes using our in-depth knowledge by delivering tailor-made solutions with features customized mainly for customers, renters, brokers, & aggregators.


Using our latest digital solutions aligned with the latest technologies, we aim to transform the learning experience to the next level. We are a leading website development company in New York that helps the education sector to grow with services that enhance student experiences and improve institutional efficacy.


We empower the future of healthcare by making customers stay connected everywhere they go through digital technology and helped them monitor their health. Avail our advanced healthcare solutions to promote better health and enable medical institutions to serve patients better with a timely diagnosis.

Banking and Finance

We believe in streamlining the inefficient processes of banking organizations with our top-class solutions aligned with new strategies that enhance business value and deliver next-gen experiences. Avail best services developed by most distinguished professionals of web application development New York to gain a competitive advantage in the financial market.


With our specialized expertise in countless automobile organizations, Clavax has achieved what others could not by helping clients obtain real results by improving their operational performance. Boost your business by working with our expert developers to address critical business needs as per the changes in the environment.


Making use of advanced technologies like IoT, AI, etc. we enable entertainment firms to move forward to a new media world with advanced revenue models fulfilling dynamic customer needs changing at digital speeds. Make use of our custom software development services for the media and entertainment industry and deliver personalized content over digital channels.


As a part of the top web design and development in New York, our developers come up with an interactive sports platform for many sports institutions across the world to conduct game sessions with better communication and coordination. Take sports to the next level by using our solutions that help in improving athletic performance, eSports, smart arenas, etc.

Why Clavax

For Web App Development?

We are the best web app development company that follows streamlined development processes while developing top-of-the-line services that meet all the user demands and market trends.  Expand your digital presence with tailored web solutions for your different needs.

    • Faster Time to Market
    • Assured Quality Services
    • Round the Clock Maintenance
    • Customized Solutions
    • Price Transparency

Streamlined App Development Process

Information Gathering

We believe that understanding the requirements of the projects is what developers need, to get a clear idea of the business goals. Our experts gather all the necessary information to create a detailed plan enabling businesses to get solutions at a minimal budget.

Project Planning

At this stage, our developers use the information collected to generate a sitemap enabling customers to check out how the entire site will look like. This is used to build a user-friendly website and understand the inner structure before developers start the coding process.


To make the website interactive and attract more users, design plays a main role and we ensure that we keep the target audience in mind during the design phase. Until the client is completely satisfied, the cycle of changing the design layout is repeated.


After completing the design stage, the actual website is finally created using graphic elements. To ensure that the server handles the installation and set-up process efficiently, experts in our website development company NYC make use of frameworks and CMS.


Testing of the website is done again and again to make sure that every form, script or function is working as intended. Once checked, the website will be uploaded to the server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).


With evolving changes that come with time, it is important to keep the website updated with new trends. Even after the delivery of the website, we ensure timely maintenance by preventing any new bugs and decreasing the change of security risks.

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Talk with our experts to discuss your specific business needs and get customized web solutions that will help your organization outperform the competition & increase revenue. We have a team of skilled web app developers on board to handle all your development needs.

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No matter what kind of web development services you need, it is hard to predict the estimated cost that would take to give your business project a win. Picking the right developers having a great experience is the first step you need before starting the development process. As the leading web design company New York, we understand the importance of your business, which is why we suggest that the quality of the work should never be compromised by hiring cheap developers. We have a solution that can help you pick the desired features you need for your web app and calculate the cost only for the features you need.

At Clavax, we help to provide you the most accurate development cost using our proprietary estimation tool. All you need to do is answer some questions about your project and you get the estimated cost in a few minutes. Get in touch with us to transform your innovative ideas into reality at a cost-effective development price.

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