Month: February 2017

  • Clavax Ranked _2

    Clavax Ranked Among the Top Mobile App Developers of 2017

    Over the years, usage of mobile phones has been increasing rapidly and it has become an essential part of our lives. Similarly, the growth of mobile apps has also increased making it the focal point in the world of IT business that helps to enhance its growth & reach towards the higher audience. (more…)

  • mobile-app

    Why is Mobile App better than Mobile Website?

    As per the research conducted, most of the users spend more than 80% of their mobile time on the mobile apps. Rather than visiting the mobile website, users prefer to use the mobile app for almost every tasks like booking tickets, shopping online, making payments, etc. (more…)

  • ecoomerce-development

    Best E-Commerce Predictions to Expect in 2017

    Ecommerce is constantly moving ahead with improved discovery and advanced technologies evolving over the years. In order to keep with the massive changes, it is necessary to have some ideas on the e-commerce predictions to expect in the year 2017. By 2020, there is an expected growth of 6.1 billion smartphone users across the globe. (more…)

  • Agile-methodology

    Increasing Trend of Agile Development for Mobile Apps

    In this world of the digital era, we are becoming highly dependent on our smartphones for every single task whether it is for shopping, ordering food, hiring a cab, etc. The mobile apps serve as a medium through which we can carry out these daily tasks giving us ease and instant service. (more…)