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Our development team ensures simple and user-friendly learning app development solutions aligned with today’s top-notch technologies and best industry trends to meet the increasing popularity of online education or e-learning. Enhance the learning experience with the help of a reliable education app and help students learn fast and more effectively.

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Educational Institutions
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Student Engagement

Hire Experts for Top Learning App Development
We are a leading online education app development company that holds expertise in developing highly interactive apps for many educational institutions enabling students to gain their knowledge smartly with more practicality. Whether you need a web or mobile app to help students get digital education conveniently, we can help in incorporating high-end innovative apps for educational courses, logical reasoning, memory training, new language learning, or any advanced apps for school students or working professionals.
Our students' engagement app solutions have robust features meant for varied users from preschool, school, university students to anyone looking for quality education. Some of the top functionalities are access to a wide range of eBooks of different subject matters, personalized learning experience, anytime access to a digital library, real-time tests, etc. Get in touch with our expert developers to build the best student apps at an affordable price.

educational mobile app development services company
Teaching Enrichment

Reliable Educational App Development Services
We develop education apps not just for students but for teachers enabling them to impart education more effectively or make teaching more interesting for students as well. Leveraging the benefits of mobile solutions, the teachers can stay connected to their students digitally anytime from anywhere and track the progress of the students’ performance. The teachers or instructors can improve their teaching skills as the apps we built helps in getting regular feedback to understand where they lack and needs to improve.
Another great thing about these apps is teachers can complete their syllabus on time by uploading their modules online and help students instantly for any queries using real-time questionnaire support. Whether you need an app to impart training or an educator app to complete courses on time, rely on our effective eLearning app development process aligned with the latest technologies to help attain maximum positive results through online learning. 

educational mobile app development services company
Educational Institutions

Avail Mobile & iPad Management Software for Schools
As a prominent company that offers educational app development services, we believe in making the lives of students, parents, and faculty much easier by streamlining the processes for easy management in schools or institutions through our apps. Whether it’s about the online fees management system, student database management system, performance tracking programs, etc. we deliver the top-notch educational app services for better transparency between management staff, students, and faculties.
If you are thinking of a way to turn a typical school to an innovative tech-savvy institution, talk to our expert developers and get an app built for educational firms to simplify processes like attendance tracking, instant parent/student notifications, and many more. From basic apps to apps for a chain of institutions, we have everything that you are looking for to promote scalable, potential, and cost-effective learning experience!

educational mobile app development services company
Apps for Parents

Top eLearning app development company
With the experience of delivering several successful educational apps, Clavax believes in transforming the education sector not just for students and teachers but also for parents. Avail custom educational mobile apps to help in keeping the parents informed about their child’s performance with easy tracking feature so that they are aware of which area their child lacks.
Our developers ensure that parents get instant access to any events at schools, assessment, exam scores, sports update, parents & teachers meeting, etc. through our educational apps for parents. Get in touch with us to get solutions that impart personalized learning experiences & improve students’ outcomes using interactive learning models.

educational mobile app development services company

Avail Finest Educational App Development Services

At Clavax, we focus on accelerating growth in the education industry with highly efficient educational app development services that use technologies to improve learning skills faster with lesser effort. With the right talent and specialized expertise, we help in building the android, iOS, and cross-platform apps for different types of the education business.

Online Class Apps

Help students get guidance from subject experts sitting at home and master the subject skills through our feature-packed eLearning apps. Boost your education business by providing online classes and access to study materials through the Android, iOS, and iPad management software for schools that is accessible on any device.

Kids Learning Apps

Avail the benefits of kid’s app developed by our expert developers that support interactive and visually rich content for a fun learning experience for toddlers and kids. From preschool to kindergarten, we build apps for different age groups enabling kids to initiate their logical & reasoning thinking abilities.

Digital Library Apps

We help in making the learning experience seamless through our wide range of digital libraries and eBooks app that comes with easy navigation and friendly designs. Hire our expert developers to build one and let your students choose and read their favorite books from the e-library in their leisure time.

Teachers & Students Apps

We have various custom solutions that can simplify the everyday tasks of the teachers and take off the burden of explaining a single concept repeatedly. Students can access the course for the topic and raise queries only when needed, thereby ensuring quality education with minimal efforts.

e learning app development company
Why Choose Us

For Reliable eLearning Apps?

Being a prominent Educational App Development Company USA,  we have extensive experience in building digitally transformative and feature-packed learning mobile apps for the simplified learning experience. We ensure that we develop custom eLearning solutions that help kids, students, or teachers connect seamlessly.

    • Skilled Professionals
    • Enhanced Learning Experience
    • Custom-made Solutions
    • Domain Expertise in App Development
    • Transparent Pricing

Must-Have Features in Learning App Development Solutions

Flexible Usage

We develop apps in such a way that it supports various devices enabling learners to use as per their choice with offline access to varieties of study materials downloaded earlier to learn anytime they want.

New Teaching Practices

From basic learning apps to advanced interactive ones, the apps we build are aligned with new teaching methodologies to serve the needs of varied users, and the latest trends that can derive the maximum benefits.

Real-Time Interaction

Our developers ensure that the learning app gives a common platform for every user to stay connected 24/7 helping students to connect with their teachers for any queries or doubts anytime and from anywhere.

Performance Analysis Support

The apps we built support user-friendly performance analysis features that serve as the best way to gain insights in understanding the learning behavior and habits of students, keeping instructors up to date with learner’s progress.

Timely Push Notifications

On-time push notifications and alerts are important while developing an education app as it will help in informing students instantly regarding the new courses, assignments, or resources. Social media integration of the app also widens the reach.

Data Security

To ensure secured data storage of student details, exam papers, payment record, we develop the education apps for schools and universities with robust features that enable only admins to get access to data.

Ready to take learning to the next level?

If you are planning to provide a richer learning environment and better understanding between teachers and students, consult with the skilled team of Educational App Development Company USA to build your education app today!

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Education App?

As many educational institutions embrace the trend of online learning, they need quality education apps that help in transforming the way students learn and absorb information with the increasing usage of technology. Talking about the cost of building an app, some important factors must be considered such as platform, features needed, location of the development firm, etc. However, the first important step to build a successful app is to pick the right app developers that hold the expertise to deliver quality work at an affordable price.
For any queries related to the cost of the app, you can either speak with our experts of leading E-Learning Application Development Company or use the self-estimation tool to find out the app development software cost. Choose the features you need for your app and pay only for what you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of education mobile apps we can develop?

We build user-friendly education mobile apps for enterprises, schools, online tutors, and trainers. We can build online class apps, kids learning apps, digital library apps, student & teacher apps, etc. using top-notch technologies and the best industry trends to meet the increasing popularity of online learning.

What is the general educational mobile app development process we follow?

We follow the six key phases of the mobile app development process. These include: - Strategy, Analysis & Planning, Design, App Development, Testing, and Deployment.

What is the security measure we take care of while developing an education mobile app?

Security measures to take while building an education mobile app are:

  • Secure code to avoid data breaches.
  • Data encryption to transform your code representation
  • Utilize authorized APIs and accurately optimize the library.
  • We use digital identification authentication
  • Set proper administration for tamper detection within the app
  • Test repeatedly to identify security majors and errors.
Will the team assist me in the overall education app development process?

Yes! Our team of expert professionals who are working on your project keeps in touch with you regularly. We build your mobile educational app as suggested by you and keep you updated at every phase of the app development process. Thus, your education mobile app is designed and curated as required by you.

Do we help with in-app modification once it is launched?

We not only build businesses oriented educational mobile apps, but we also build beautiful relationships with our customers. We are available for you anytime to help you with in-app modifications ever after it is launched. We can connect anytime.

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