NFT Marketplace Development

Make your business future-ready by revolutionizing upcoming
transactions with Non- Fungible Tokens (NFT) for more security

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Choose NFT Marketplace Development
for Promising Source of Revenue

We enable businesses to unlock the potential of NFT to get the best of their upcoming mode of the transaction by turning all the digital assets into Non- Fungible Tokens for futuristic growth. Clavax can help you embrace immense benefits from the fast-growing NFT market
by keeping all the technical aspects in order.

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Storefront with Smooth UX/UI for a seamless
and effortless selling process
Protection from all internal and external threats
with Stringent Cyber security
99.9% storefront reliability for handling several
users, operators, & transactions
Proper NFTs minting & IP tokenization with
Bullet-proof smart contracts
In-built crypto-native payment options to
buy and sell NFTs flawlessly
Manage relationships with asset-owners
with an All-in-one B2B portal
AML/KYC compliance to prevent money
laundering & report suspicious activity
Automate internal operations with CRM,
ERP, & 3rd-party integration
nft marketplace development cost

NFT Development Services

Boost your business growth with a wide range of NFT services that cater to meet your
specific requirements and pave the way for better outcomes


NFT Marketplace Development

Build your marketplace website or an app for your business irrespective of what industry you belong to and start gaining tremendous revenue return.


Intellectual Property Tokenization

Make use of NFT and hyper ledger to ensure intellectual property management systems that operate effortlessly with flawless asset tokenization logic.


Smart Contracts Audit

Get the code assessed by our skilled professionals to point out any potential threats in your smart contracts and ensure zero chance of bugs.

NFT Marketing NFT Marketing

NFT in Marketing

Use result-driven NFT marketing services to elevate market share & gain the attention of the target audience through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

NFT Gaming Apps NFT Gaming Apps

NFT Gaming Apps

Widen your business vision with top-notch NFT game development services that offer exclusive gameplay with virtual assets and get immense benefits.

NFT Form NFT Form

NFT in any Form

Develop your non-fungible tokens & present them through any form of your choice i.e. image, video, graphics, and more.

NFT Ownership NFT Ownership

Complete Ownership

Associate the entire ownership of an NFT to the desired account as NFTs are a part of a blockchain network that cannot be divided among multiple owners.

NFT Support NFT Support

Support & Maintenance

Rely on us for the NFT marketplace support and maintenance services even after the successful project delivery to solve any queries you might face

nft development services

Launch NFT Marketplace with Clavax

Connect with us to build an easy-to-use, transparent, and feature-rich NFT marketplace that guarantees sustainable income and high ROI with built-in security and consistent support throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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NFT Marketplace development process

Our process consists of stages starting from the initial discussion with our blockchain experts
and project outline to deploying an end-to-end NFT marketplace solution


Select assets to tokenize

Define user roles and permissions


Outline the marketplace's tech development workflow

Development of logic and smart contracts


Token integration with the platform

Quality assurance and user testing



Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT Marketplace?

It is the decentralized platform that acts as an online web store working on a blockchain platform used to store and sell the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The NFTs are either offered through bids in auctions or at fixed rates, which need crypto wallets connected to platforms for transactions.

Why choose Clavax as your NFT marketplace development partner?

With more than a decade of experience in blockchain, our developers have helped several organizations adopt NFT and have successfully deployed more than 50 tokenization-based projects. Our wide range of services can help your business grow by keeping the focus on specific business needs.

How much time does it take to develop an NFT marketplace?

Giving an exact estimate would be difficult as time depends on the complexity of the project, budget & terms. Considering the average for the previously developed projects, you can expect around 5-10 months for the complete development phases of the NFT marketplace. For tight deadlines, we ensure to deliver on time without impacting the quality of services.

What are the factors that impact the development cost of the NFT marketplace?

The development cost of your NFT marketplace depends on many aspects such as third-party integrations, the app platform you choose, app features, etc. that may vary from one project to another. Connect with our experts to give you the right consultation or use our app cost calculator for a quick estimate.

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