Our Flow Builder Tool for Connecting IoT

Develop & Deploy IoT Solutions in Minutes

Driving Meaningful Data Interactions Between Channels

To simplify the procedure of connecting data generated from disparate sources in IoT, Clavax-Connect helps in wiring hardware devices,
APIs, and online services to drive faster interactions without the need for coding. This browser-based flow editor makes it possible to
wire together flows using different nodes where flows are then deployed to the runtime within a single click

Open Source Tool

Why Clavax-Connect?

Wiring Things Will Not Be Hectic Anymore!

This open-source tool comes with the toolbox of reusable components to simplify the process and enhance the speed of development with drag and drop tools that develop the components easily. It not only allows web services, hardware & software to communicate with one another but also helps in wiring real-world based events to extract intelligence from the data

Unveil the Power of IoT With Clavax-Connect

The best thing about Clavax-Connect is that anyone can learn it easily, even if they don't have hard-core programming
skills. Here are some of the benefits of using this tool

eliminate repeated process

Repeated Process

Drag and drop feature of Clavax-Connect simplifies the complexity of prototyping & building IoT apps

minimized code

Lowers Technical Bar
with lesser code

Without the need of re-writing code for linking different data from
various objects, the tool lowers the technical bar.

minimized code
generic event processor

Used as a Generic
Event processor

Not just for IoT, it is a general event-processing engine where one can listen
to events from TCP, HTTP, Twitter, etc. to capture & store the data.

messaging system integration

Integration with
Messaging Systems

Allow access to the nodes for integrating them with messaging /social platforms like Twitter to create apps that react to the world

messaging system integration

Ready to Build?

Explore our proprietary tool "Clavax-Connect" to leverage the technology of analytics & build smart IoT solutions quickly. Let us know how we can help, or schedule a demo!

What Can You Build with

Make the best use of Clavax-Connect and get it tailored as per your additional requirements to build or deploy data-driven IoT apps with ease in few minutes!


Transforming automobile industry with enhanced connectivity and smarter devices


Connecting assets, operations and business processes for the smart manufacturing operations


Monitoring operations with IoT devices for reduced cost & enhanced safety of the workplace


Optimize maintenance with IoT-enabled smart asset management transforming operations digitally.

Smart Home

Giving the power to control your home from anywhere making lives easier and convenient

Making Advanced Analytics Work for Your Business

Don't let the evolving digital data scare you! Make sense of your business data with reliable intelligence
for critical decision making and competitive advantage

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Big Data Consulting
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In ten years of outsourcing web solutions for small and medium-size businesses, I have not been able to discover a partner more capable than Clavax. Having proven themselves in earlier projects, they bolstered the Kentico development efforts of another firm during our initial website launch. Since then, we have transitioned the full, ongoing development work exclusively to them. Clavax's Kentico development work is supported by the knowledge, experience, and passion for effective business systems of their owner and project leaders. For these reasons, I gladly offer my strongest recommendation.

Ricky Frohnerath
Brand Web Manager,
Aurora Group


A Global firm based on US that delivers engineering, manufacturing & supply chain solutions

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A global manufacturer & distributor of lighting products

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A leading manufacturer of precision-based modular instruments

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