Transit Workloads Seamlessly with Smart Cloud Computing Solutions

The New Way of Working,
Designed to Deliver Convenience

Cloud adoption helps you scale your business by utilizing cloud-based platforms. However, it can be complicated without the right tools.
Also, for some organizations, it is more about security than cost or complexity. Our cloud computing solutions are
customized to secure you to the core, boost agility, and innovate faster than ever before.


A Cloud Strategy that Meet Customer's Expectations The right cloud-first strategy offers limitless possibilities to unravel the cloud migration complexities, optimize assets and achieve desired business outcomes. Clavax's deep knowledge expertise and hands-on experience with several clients underpinned public, private and hybrid cloud solutions thus able to address business challenges effectively.

Cloud Adoption Leads to Better Business Outcomes

To accelerate business growth, your business processes must innovate with modern technologies to increase visibility in the market.
With cloud computing solutions you not only manage unstructured data with ease and scale but also save time and money,
by improving the availability of critical systems. Here are few other benefits of using cloud solutions.

Enhanced Flexibility Features

With fluctuating bandwidth demands, cloud solutions become an ideal choice to scale up or down your cloud capacity, depending on the requirements. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to access cloud applications from anywhere and anytime.

Backups for
Easy Recovery

When it comes to data security, adopting cloud computing services cannot be overstated, thus IT professionals adopt private cloud over public cloud. A private cloud allows control over data that most of PCI and HIPAA sensitive organizations require keeping their information secure.

Improves Strategic Value

Cloud Services provide a competitive advantage by improving productivity and business communication. It helps in improving IT technology acquisitions, regulatory obligations, and helps in making the right platform and technology decisions.

Highly Competitive Platform

Dell reports that companies which invest in cloud computing enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors. Cloud infrastructures automatically refresh and update themselves instead of forcing IT professionals to perform manual updates. Hosting a cloud environment addresses the wastefulness of resources at every step of a business.

Tools and Technologies, We Work With

Our domain experts ensure that you incorporate the right tools and technologies into your enterprise thus allowing you to be faster
and competitive in the technology landscape. Using a proactive approach, we use complete cloud strategy that delivers results.


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