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Elevate your customer experience with offerings that increase engagement like never before setting your brand apart from the competition

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Give customers a reason to choose you over your competitors

Engaging & retaining customers in real-time by rewarding them with offerings that are perfectly in line with their preferences is what every organization looks for. We extract powerful insights for a better understanding of the behaviors & motivations behind customers’ purchasing habits and anticipate their needs with relevant messaging, offers & rewards like points, cashback, discounts, etc. All this and more advanced functionalities with one customer loyalty rewards program that enables seamless earning and redemption across every customer touchpoint.

Key Highlights of our Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Acquire, retain and retarget your customers for higher sales/revenue

Prevent customer churn with positive emotional experience & value delivery of service

Deliver insight-driven campaigns & communications that are highly relevant

Ensure great revenues & ROI over a defined term with easy customization

Build targeted marketing promotions that are in sync with customer expectations

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Referral LOYALTY

Turn your satisfied customers into delighted brand advocates

Connect and keep track of your key business influencers that play a vital role in promoting your brand. Make use of tailored influencer or referral loyalty programs to reward them with attractive schemes. Referrals from influencers can offer a game-changing benefit to your business increasing sale conversions to a huge extent. Maintaining a separate channel for influencers in the backend platform is the best choice to define the rewards they want such as cash or reward points to e-wallets.

Key Highlights of our Referral Loyalty Program

A customized loyalty program to attract, engage and incentivize influencers

Praise & reward them interactively to make them promote more

Make use of influencers to reach out to more customer base

Easy to use interface enabling influencers to earn easily through referrals

Separate channel for track influencers’ behaviors & relate to campaigns

Employee Loyalty List

Employee LOYALTY

Keep employees motivated with an engaging loyalty reward program

Not only satisfied employees perform better but organizations using well-crafted employee recognition loyalty rewards programs are 12 times more likely to deliver excellent business outcomes. With higher employee employment, a business can attain its tactical as well as operational goals more easily by retaining the best performers. Choose our cost-effective employee loyalty rewards program to help you manage loyalty initiatives with creative communications, milestone rewards, gift catalogs, awards & many more.

Key Highlights of our Employee Loyalty Program

Insights to help management identify the top talent in the organization

Option to choose continuous or on-the-spot appreciation for employees

Motivate employees & recognize achievements to make them perform better

Reward points for positive outcomes like wellness, attendance, task completion, etc.

Multiple options to redeem loyalty points like gift cards, products, travel & more.

Loyalty Gift List


Reward customers with pre-paid gift vouchers

Building a customized gift card loyalty reward program that suits your specific needs is a great way to engage and strengthen customer loyalty. One of the best and simplest ways to start a gift card rewards program is to give it for free when your customer signs up with your program. Whether you own a small, medium, or large-scale business, we can help you build the gift card management solution your business needs to succeed. Connect with our experts to get a custom design for your gift cards with a look & feel that's unique to your brand.

Key Highlights of our Gift Card Loyalty Program

Available in pre-designed & custom formats to help you design your gift cards

Cost-effective gift card loyalty program options for business of all sizes & types

Acquire & retain customers with the most convenient gift-giving solution

Easy activation & valuation of stored value cards reducing fraud chances

Analytics support to measure the program’s effectiveness & extract insights

Loyalty Channel


Reward channel partners to drive more sales

A well-planned channel partner loyalty rewards program can be the best way to generate more value, as they have high potential to earn the loyalty & result in higher returns. Making use of such loyalty programs enables your partners to view their points earned and benefits gained from the relationship, which acts as a motivating factor to promote/sell the company's products. Choose our loyalty program to build a long-term relationship with partners, offer exclusive rewards based on data collected from rich analytics, and make continuous improvements for better results.

Key Highlights of our
Channel Partners Loyalty Program

Beat the competition for partner’s attention with the right rewards program

Classify partners into different tiers & go for segmentation with targeted communication

Analyze partner participation, monitor progress & take appropriate actions

Recognize partners’ efforts boost confidence by rewarding their achievements

Go for various redemption options based on your partners’ preferences

Loyalty Coalition

Coalition LOYALTY

Connect multiple merchants at a single point loyalty program

Coalition loyalty programs work best for those group of businesses who wish to work together to have a common rewards program. We enable customers to earn loyalty reward points while purchasing at any of the partnered merchants and redeem those points at participating merchants or gift cards from various brands. Using a single rewards program can be a great way to bring the members together for a common purpose where they collectively work together to provide incentive & motivation to customers making them shop more.

Key Highlights of our Coalition Loyalty Program

One program for multiple merchants where points can be redeemed at any of them

Smart analytics on a rich customer database for the sales growth of each merchant

Access to an online customer dashboard for tracking of earning, redemption & alerts

Build a common loyalty program of business within the same mall or community

Easy to use interface for customers without the need of carrying a physical loyalty card

How We Are Different?

You can get a loyalty rewards program anywhere, but we tend to nourish it for maximum outcomes by letting your customers experience the best and build bonds that get stronger over time.

Complete Data Ownership

We enable organizations to have full control over the data stored in the loyalty reward program without third-party involvement helping them create a true customer data platform.


We offer a complete loyalty suite with advanced capabilities where every program is tailored to fit specific business requirements

Quick Deployment

Our solution comes with a super-quick onboarding time of 4 to 6 weeks enabling easy set-up and straightforward integration into existing systems

No Additional Charges

We charge only fixed one-time setup cost with no recurring/management fees during the program journey unlike the variable commercial structure

Easy Integration

Choose the loyalty system that seamlessly integrates with all your tools and technologies without the hassle of making changes in multiple systems

360-Degree customer view

We give real-time access to program performances & dashboards to track your customers’ behaviors powering advanced analytics & customer insights

Ditch the Hassle, Keep the Customers!

Let the most powerful, flexible & feature-rich customer loyalty rewards program take care of your
customers, while you take care of your business.


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