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From Novice Real Estate Agents to High-End
Brokers, We have a Solution for All

We enable brands to manage and automate every operation in one place using the agents' websites
and apps. From tech that maximizes sales efforts to services that simplify the closing process, our real
estate solutions have all the desired tools that ensure more leads capture at a lesser time.

Websites with
Premium Designs

Use a wide range of sleek designs to develop easily customizable real estate websites that evolve with the changing business needs.

IDX Search

Need a better search? Instantly alert your home buyers with smart search IDX packed with easy-to-use filtering options, intuitive tools, and a custom interface!

Smart Lead
Capture Technology

Never miss out on a huge source of leads! Get unlimited access to forms and sign up opportunities with countless ways to capture leads.

Realtors Mobile Apps

Give your customers the power of mobile home search with simplified property search, access driving directions & quick alerts to new listings.

Key Features for Agents & Brokers

A sneak peek at all the awesome things your real estate app can do

Real Estate Everything At One Place

Everything at one place

Give your customers every feature they need in just a few taps! Let them
search, save, and send notifications for all property searches under
everything at one place.

  • Add Multi Agents
  • Add Listings
  • Dynamic Broker, Agents, & Buyers Dashboard
  • IDX and MLS Integration (Add-ons)
  • Document Management
  • Property Value Estimator Bot
  • Email & CMS Management
    (Page Builder)
  • Transactions Management

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Listed Agents


Listed Properties


Properties Sold



Speed and Accuracy

No more complaints from your customers on missed property listings. With the most accurate & speediest delivery of data on your real estate app, get updates of new property listings in the market within minutes using the power of the MLS.

Real Estate Speed And Delivery
Real Estate Speed And Delivery

Communication is just
One-Touch Away

Let your customers stay connected with you - all the time. Be a text message, call, email, or instant chat away on every single property listing they are interested in! Convenience and quick replies are one of the main factors that drive their home-buying decisions.

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Actionable Insights for
Curated Experiences

Knowing what your customers like and delivering personalized experiences based on their past property searches is what you need to gain a competitive advantage. This boosts brand loyalty enabling customers to choose you over your competitors.

Real Estate Speed And Delivery
Real Estate Speed And Delivery

Get the Exposure You Need
for Your Brand

Let the world know about your real estate business by providing everything as per your customers' needs through your website or app presence. We help your customers connect with you using the right Call to Action ensuring you don't miss out on good leads.

All Set To Boost Your Real Estate Presence?

Connect with our experts to streamline your agent operations, manage listings, capture, track every lead
with analytics to unlock higher conversions and more- in one place!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Real Estate Agents and Brokers Need A Custom Website Solution?

Customers search online for various properties. Creating profiles on real estate websites and the marketplace is not enough to provide better service to customers and earn higher profits. Therefore, it becomes essential for real estate agents and brokers to develop their custom websites solution to engage more potential customers.

How Custom Real Estate IDX Solutions Boost Your Sales?

A custom real estate IDX solution builds a strong online presence for your real estate businesses. It helps you in showcasing your previously completed projects and upcoming projects and listings to a wider audience that boosts sales.

How Does Your Real Estate Website Presence Boost Your Sales?

A real estate website provides everything as per your customers' needs through your website or app presence. This helps your customers to connect with the right Call to Action so that you don't miss out on good leads.

How Do Real Estate Website Actionable Insights Help In Better Customer Engagement?

Real estate websites track and analyze the performance of your customers, it shows them relevant listings and properties based on their search preferences. Knowing the preferences, you get the competitive advantage to boost your business over the competitors.

Why choose Clavax To Build Your Custom Real Estate Website?

Clavax helps you in building custom websites with a premium design and IDX is packed with easy-to-use filtering options, intuitive tools, and a custom interface. Thus, you get all your needs in one place to engage your customers and connect with them easily.

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