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We are a prominent React Native app development company in usa that provides next-gen React Native app development services to
create unmatched mobile app solutions. Whether building an app from scratch or migrating to the new technology, our top React
Native app developers help you expedite your app development journey.

React Native App
Ideation & Consulting

React Native application development offers multiple benefits for small businesses & enterprises, but the technology is not a one-size-fits-all option. Our best react native mobile app developers dig deep into your business goals and provide you with insights into whether the technology meets your needs or not. It is the best way to save application development costs and efforts.

Mobile App Development with React Native

We provide end-to-end React Native app development service offerings to our clients. From designing to development, testing, and deployment, we ensure your application offers a seamless user experience. Irrespective of your domain type, we have delivered feature-rich React Native applications to our clients.

React Native

If you have an Android or iOS application and wish to migrate it into React Native, we hold strong migration expertise. Our expert React Native app developers guarantee that your users' performance remains glitch-free while migrating the application to other mobile platforms, web, and smart devices.

React Native Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance are an integral part of the app development process. With the aid of React Native support and maintenance services, you can stay stress-free, and your application operates flawlessly. Our React Native developers guarantee optimal efficiency at any specific point in time.

Choose React Native App to Expedite Your Time-To-Market

Holding expertise to build highly interactive cross-platform mobile apps at a lightning-fast speed, we are the leading
React Native App Development Company in USA enabling businesses to achieve goals faster with high-performance
apps offering intuitive customer experiences across multiple platforms.

react native cross platform app development

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The APIs of React Native is cross-platform, which means any app can be built for both iOS and Android platforms. Using JavaScript components, developers can build cross-platform apps that are completely native apps sharing 90% of the code base between the two platforms.

Native App Development

With the native code embedded conveniently, developers don't need to put much effort Into the development to take place smoothly. Every app solution built on React Native works like a native app with features like usability, scrolling, animations, etc.

Reusable Single Codebase

As React Native runs on JavaScript, it ensures code re-usability allowing developers to build web and native iOS/Android apps. Using reusable components, react native developers can reduce the time for the app development process with greater ease.

Live Updates

With the live update feature, react app developers can push the updates directly to the user's smartphones, which means it doesn't require updates through the app store update procedure, which can be time-consuming & hectic.

Hot Reload Support

This allows native mobile app developers to carry out all the modifications & implement them even when the app is running without the need of restarting it. The hot reload functionality saves the time-consuming deploying process with changes taking place just by refreshing the UI.

App Layouts for iOS & Android

With the application layouts for iOS & Android platforms, React Native comes with various components that help in a faster development process. As this cross-platform mobile app development solution is coming from Facebook, there are high chances for it to get enhanced in the future for attaining better business goals.

react mobile app development

Building Truly Native Mobile Apps for iOS & Android Faster?

Work with our expert team of React Native Mobile Application Developers to expedite the development process at lower costs & deliver the best customer experience across multiple platforms!

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React Native Technologies & Frameworks

Our top native app developers use the latest range of frameworks to simplify the app development process with minimal manual effort.





react naviagtion


moment js


redux thunk
redux sga


graph ql


chai server
mocha server

App State



rf forms





amazon web services



Pub/Sub Messaging



mongo db
elastic search


nginx server

App frameworks

rails app development
trailblazer ruby app framework
hanami ruby framework
rspec rails development

App Server

puma web app server


React Native Experts


Projects Developed and Deployed


Industries Made Multi-Platform

How Much Does It Cost To Build
React Native App?

Being a top React Native App Development Company in USA, we enable clients to save time, costs as well as efforts using the most cost-effective framework for faster mobile app development. The cost to build an app using React Native can range from $2400 to $4200 & can go up to $10,000. Wondering how much will it cost to develop a React Native mobile app? Use our smart react native app cost calculator to get an app estimate depending on the factors you choose.

Our Development Expertise in React Native

With a proven track record of developing a wide range of end-to-end customized React Native Mobile Application Development
solutions across several industry verticals, our expert native app developers are adept with the latest technologies & approaches to deliver
the best possible solutions for unique development needs.

finance banking mobile app development
Finance & Banking
entertainment app development
healthcare mobile app development
Health & Fitness App
education mobile app development
e commerce app development
real estate app development
Real Estate IDX
loyalty program development
Loyalty Program
on demand app delivery
On Demand Delivery App

Big Brands using React Native

facebook react native development
instagram react native development
uber react native development
newbrand react native development
walmart react native development
tesla react native development
skype react native development
wix react native development

Many big organizations are on top of their game for attaining business goals faster after switching
to React Native framework. Apart from lower react native app development costs & faster time-to-market, brands are getting
immense benefits with the development of high-performance mobile apps for speedy results.

Get started to convert your idea into a product?

Empowering Businesses to Succeed with React Native

From beginner projects to advanced ones, we have built a wide range of real-world projects with React Native for brands across the globe. Search our portfolio to find companies like yours.

react native development company

We let our work speak for us

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Clavax's app functions as intended and has been stable since it had been launched. Their project management skills are commended by the client — they are quick, responsive, and reliable. Customers can expect a personable team and a positive experience.

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Clavax was the best delivery partner. From the first engagement to the timely delivery, they moved with confidence and much gusto. I recommend them without any reservations.

Ferhat Hatay
Fujitsu Global

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The Clavax Technologies answered to all of our needs and to the changes that we wanted to make. They were very patient with us."

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Dynasty Electronic Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us as your React Native App Development Company?

We are a trusted native mobile app development partner. Our top app development team focuses on quality and delivers high-performing applications within dedicated deadlines. With our react native cross-platform app development process, you will gain an enormous user base and get a competitive advantage in the market. We ensure the react native app development process goes as swiftly as possible.

Can React Native be used for both web and mobile app development?

Our React Native app developers consolidate React Native apps into a single codebase that eliminates the need to build and maintain separate codes for mobile and web without sacrificing app performance. The apps look and perform similarly on the web as they do on mobile devices.

How long does it take to build a React Native App from scratch?

The average time taken to develop a React Native app is around 18 weeks. However, the estimated time may increase and decrease as per the business requirements. You can also go for MVP that takes lesser time than a full-fledged application.

Can existing apps be migrated to React Native?

Yes, the expanding qualities of React Native make it easier to migrate to a different platform. In addition, if you switch to React Native app build process, it becomes cheaper and easier mainly because there is a single codebase for both Android and iOS mobile app.

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