Internet of Things

Reimagine New Possibilities with Better Connectivity

Bridge the gap between physical & digital world with Internet of Things

Connected Intelligence for Smarter Business Decisions

Things are getting smarter than people! Gartner predicts that more than 21 billion connected things will exist by the year 2020, which will eventually lead to new markets, better efficiencies & greater user experiences. Considering the undeniable power of digital, enterprises need to realize the potential of IoT services & solutions to engage customers with more connectivity.

Know Why Your Business Needs IoT

Internet of Things has the power to transform the world, just like the Internet did. Maybe even more that!
Still feeling confused whether to use IoT or not, consider the facts below

$14.2 Trillion Is what the world
economy will make from IoT Domain
by 2030 (Accenture)
$6 Trillion IoT budget
projection for the next 5 years
(Business Insider)
50 Billion Devices will be
connected to the Internet
by 2020 (Gartner)

IoT Tools & Technologies

Making use of the innovative open source tools and technologies is necessary to develop new IoT services
and applications that can adapt the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem

A Visual tool built on Node.js
used for wiring the Internet of Things

IoT platform that makes apps communicate
with data from connected objects

An open source prototyping
platform to develop interactive objects

A credit card sized and Linux based
platform to develop IoT projects

Planning a Project?

We can help. Talk with our experts to embrace IoT for connected
possibilities & see how far your business can go!

Delivering Value Across Industries

Clavax & its ecosystem help enterprises use the IoT concept to overcome industry-specific challenges and achieve
better productivity. With the IoT solutions developed, things are connected to analyze data & retrieve
insights that will help in reducing costs, enhancing revenue & more efficiency

Smart Manufacturing

Using IoT, the manufacturers are improving their overall business operations by keeping the factory & workers connected, digitizing operations to lower downtime & improve productivity


With secure & seamless connectivity between patients, doctors, & associated processes, the quality of care has been enhanced leading towards a better health care using IoT


Retailers using IoT has unlimited opportunities that help to enhance the supply chain efficiencies, build new services as well as reshape the customer experience


Informative IoT solutions offer unlimited access to the resources around the world enabling students to learn without limits and teachers to carry out research better


Digitized financial services resolve traditional banking challenges & also ensures real-time visibility with the delivery of meaningful customer experiences to the on-demand services


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