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Build Security Resilience Against Cyber Attackers

An IT security audit goes beyond deploying just a firewall. It identifies real-time risks that can
compromise confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data

cyber attack

Around 98% of the web apps
that have been tested are
vulnerable to Cyber Attack


A new organization will fall victim to
ransomware every 14 seconds in 2019,
and every 11 seconds by 2021.


We can make you Breachproof

From the proactive security of information assets to data encryption services, we provide a holistic approach along with the best technology thus build a sound security strategy to keep business information safe and secure.

Our Services

Clavax’s security audit services combine the industry expertise with advanced business insights that help you to unlock the power of your data.
We ensure the security solutions based on your enterprise are fully dedicated to risk profile and technology landscape

web security

Web Security

The website security audit services will enable your organization to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data in the web applications.

  • Security against various web attacks, DDoS & site scraping
  • Assess the web applications for vulnerabilities
  • Protecting data against unauthorized access/exposure
  • Understand the security of apps handling critical data
mobile security

Mobility Security

The mobility security audit offers end-to-end services including application mapping and reverses engineering to identify technical vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.

  • Review mobile app security requirements
  • Identify risk with newly built mobile apps
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities
  • Uncover gap in existing security defenses
cloud security
Compliance security

Cloud Security

The auditors make use of robust cybersecurity services to secure operations & protect existing systems. Even a slight issue in the enterprise network can lead to a significant economic loss.

  • Cyber and Virtualization Security
  • Proactive Network Risk Assessment
  • Host and End-Point Security
  • Datacenter & Perimeter Security
compliance security

Compliance Security

We imply an integrated approach to enhance enterprise security that protects information risk and integrate all the necessary tools needed for governance and compliance.

  • Retail & business - PCI-DSS compliance
  • Healthcare - HIPAA, HITECH compliance
  • Government compliance
  • Auditing and reporting
compliance security

Know Why Your

BUSINESS Needs a Security Audit

Ensures that Security Systems and Processes in your organization are working as intended
Protect mission-critical organizational data from Unauthorized Update or Access
Identify the IT Risks of organization related to integrity, confidentiality, and availability
Evaluate and strengthen controls to improve security after Assessment of The Risks
Verify compliance with regulations that meets Security Specific Requirements
Bridge the gap between the existing Security Practices and Operations

Best Practices to Conduct Security Audit

10 Times Faster Security Investigations

External Audit Assessment

external audit assessment
  • Collection of Public information
  • External Penetration
  • Destructive Test
  • Non-destructive Test

Internal Audit Assessment

internal audit assessment
  • Collection of Confidential information
  • Reviewing Security policy
  • Internal Penetration
  • Change Management

Why Security Audit?

Any breach of your security has a serious impact on your enterprise'
reputation, customer relationships, and compliance



protect critical data

Critical Data

protect critical data

Inside Threats

protect mission

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

What Clients Say About us?

We started working with Clavax two years ago when we needed to perform a cybersecurity audit and security code review. The team succeeded in offering quality services and the collaboration is over lasting.

Alex De Wit
Email Marketer,
Sam Media


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Make Security a Priority in Your Company

We ensure that you get the most out of your security investment

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