Evolution of Web Development

Internet technology has changed tremendously over the years since its first evolution of the world wide web (www) in the late 20th century, which was just a single-way communication with limited access & slow speed. After that, Web 2.0 came into existence with some enhancements like two-way communication & easy access leading to the development of social media and interactive audio/videos with high speed.

Web 3 is the third generation of web services emphasizing decentralized apps where technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. are used to build more innovative and adaptive user-centric applications.

Significance of Web3 dApp Development Services for your Business

Businesses are moving towards a futuristic world and Web 3.0 is the era of blockchain technology that provides better security through decentralized apps (dApps) helping interact just like humans. Using Web 3, Clavax focuses on making business operations more transparent and user-centric enabling users to feel and experience the virtual world.

Through Web 3, brands can unlock immense opportunities to capitalize on the latest tech innovations and grow their network with enhanced business processes. As a renowned web3 dApps development company, Clavax helps brands to take advantage of Web 3 by using blockchain technology for reduced inefficiency, faster and more secure transactions, smarter contracts, and more.

Exclusive Applications of Web3 Dapps

By integrating Web 3.0 technology, Clavax aims to create decentralized applications for web3 businesses that provide transparency, efficiency, data ownership, and democratization. Clavax offers a wide range of Web3 dApp Development Services that can help businesses to build different apps helping them stay ahead of the curve, & achieve success.

nft dapp development services

NFT Platforms

NFT platforms that are based on non-fungible tokens such as marketplaces and launchpads can grab benefits from Web3 Dapps ensuring that creators and followers get closer seamlessly.

Crowdfnding web3 dapp development services

Crowdfunding Platforms

By making use of crowdfunding platforms based on Web3 Dapps such as launchpads for IDO (Initial DEX Offering) and Security Token Offering (STO), one can get all the advantages as funds here are collected directly.

Gaming web3 dapp development services

Gaming Platforms

Gaming platforms based on Web3 Dapps help to attract gamers as they deliver immersive and exhilarating experiences to the players and in-game assets can also be sold secondarily without any trouble.

Governance web3 dapp development services

Governance Platforms

As Web3 Dapps work extensively through secure and smart contracts, community governance platforms based on DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organizations) for any business platform can benefit from them.

DeFi dapp development services

DeFi Platforms

With the help of Web3 Dapps' peer-to-peer nature, decentralized finance (DeFi) applications like decentralized crypto exchanges, platforms for lending, flash loaning, staking, insurance, and wallets can grab all the benefits.

Metaverse dapp development services

Metaverse Platforms

Dapp platforms make use of VR and AR technologies enabling a virtual world of metaverse platforms to succeed where people can easily socialize as NFT avatars and spend crypto tokens to lead lives digitally.

Social media dapp development services

Social Media Platforms

NFT platforms that are based on non-fungible tokens such as marketplaces and launchpads can grab benefits from Web3 Dapps ensuring that creators and followers get closer seamlessly.

Must-Have Features for Any Web3 Dapp


Web3 Dapps users will be rewarded for their usage of the apps with the help of platforms' native tokens, generated through staking by end-users that count as contributions.

Open Source

Web3 Dapps must be open source, which means the platform's code can be viewed by its community and changes must be first proposed and then accepted through a voting process.


Every Web3 Dapp must have a common mechanism to provide transactions inside them. New networks usually use Proof-of-Stake which consumes less energy for the same work and old networks employ proof-of-work.

Benefits Offered by Web 3 dApps to Businesses


While using dApps, privacy is never a big concern as they require only the users' crypto wallet addresses, which means there is no need to reveal the identity of the people owning them.


Dapps makes use of distributed digital ledgers to store all transaction data, which means the data can be viewed by anyone inside the network, verified publicly, and cannot be hacked.

Freedom of Data

No Web3 Dapps can be blocked abruptly on the order of central authorities as every data is distributed around the blockchain network.

Simplified Payments

Web3 Dapps use crypto wallets built into them, which eliminates the need for intermediary payment providers, and transactions here are truly peer-to-peer.

No Downtime

As these platforms run on distributed blockchains, there is no or low chance of applications going down, even if parts of networks may not work, enabling people to use Dapps anytime.

Data Immutability

As all data is encrypted on blockchains, data tampering is not possible. Every transaction data can be publicly viewed or verified by anyone on the network, making dApps reliable.

Why Choose Clavax as your
Web3 dApp Development Partners?

Having decade-long expertise in building numerous decentralized apps for our global clients based on multiple business models, Clavax ensures that every project is built with utmost perfection keeping the focus on all facets of development from planning to launch. If you have any queries related to the Web3 dApp Development Cost, feel free to reach our team and get a quick app cost estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by dApps?

Decentralized applications, also known as dApps work on a peer-to-peer network of computers rather than a single computer. They are quite similar to traditional apps when it comes to the front end but the backend uses smart contracts to connect with the blockchain network instead of the API used in normal apps.

How dApps are better than traditional apps?

There are several benefits of using dApps such as they are tamperproof and records stored in these apps cannot be altered giving the best protection, they are governed by autonomy i.e. any change in the app is decided through the mutual decision of all network members and dApps do not rely on a single server, preventing the risk of central point of failure.

How do I choose the dApp type that suits my business needs?

dApps are classified into 3 parts such as Type1 (dApps with their blockchain such as Bitcoin), Type 2 (With blockchain of Type 1, these dApps are protocols with tokens needed for functions such as Omni protocol), and Type 3 (this dApps uses Type 2 dApp’s protocol such as SAFE network issuing Safecoins through Omni Protocol).

What can you define by dApp development?

The development process of dApps involves building decentralized apps with backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network where code is rigorous as smart contract code is unchangeable.

Tell me about the steps in the dApp development process

Here are some of the main steps that are important in the dApp development process-

  • Analysis & Ideation- The first step helps to decide whether your business needs dApp or not. Also, identify the technology components needed to build the app.
  • POC- This is essential to test the viability of the proposed solution with minimal features.
  • Visual Interface & Technical Design- The user interface design for every software component is created and the design of technical architecture takes place.
  • Development & Deployment- This step is when blockchain developers start building the app and then testing it before deploying them on the internet.
How much does it cost to build a dApp?

The development cost of any dApp depends on the requirements- project size, set of features, smart contracts bounded, and more. However, to get a brief estimate, you can make use of our smart app cost calculator or connect with our experts.

Is there any way to choose the best dApp development company?

Some aspects to keep in mind while evaluating if the company is apt for dApp Development Agency-

Blockchain developers must have a deep understanding of the technologies The ones who know Web 3 SDKs such as Web3.js, Web3.js, and ethers.js Budget must be kept in mind as you cannot top quality work from low-paid developers
Can Clavax provide dApp developers part-time when needed?

Yes, you can opt for full-time as well as part-time for any dApp development needs.

Can your team provide marketing services for dApps?

Yes, we have an in-house team of marketing and SEO that ensures the project is up to the mark with Google’s webmaster guidelines and Core Web Vitals. Clavax can guide you with the marketing front apart from development.


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