Build your eCommerce Store

Delivering end-to-end tailored B2C and B2B eCommerce experience from a
single platform using AI and advanced data-sharing capabilities.

Migrating an existing website? SmartBag can help


Making Content Update Easy

We offer smart and easy drag-and-drop tools to create/update compelling content for the website and exceptional shopping experiences, personalized for specific customer segments without relying on developer support.


Simplified Product Recommendations

Using AI-based capabilities & rich merchandising rules, we ensure easy and relevant product recommendations across key customer touchpoints for B2B and B2C businesses to increase higher conversion rates.


Real-Time Inventory Data for On-Time Fulfillment

Let your customers choose what they want- delivery at the doorstep or pickup in-store! We use real-time inventory data & sourcing algorithms that enable shop associates to fulfill orders from desktop, tablet, POS, or anywhere.


Easily Integrate B2C and B2B in One Platform

Managing quotes and orders is no longer a hassle with easy integration and the same branding across all sites without multiple instances, leading to higher sales with faster and expedient purchasing options.


Multiple Shops, Unlimited Payment

Use an all-in-one commerce dashboard to manage payment with PCI DSS, 3D secure transactions & order data seamlessly for every storefront with smart reports, timely payment processing, enhanced reconciliation & more.

Secured Payment

For Better Insights & Enhanced Decisions

With data analysis tools, you no longer need to worry about finding the average order value, customer lifetime value, or other key metrics. Get timely business insights & reports with simple visualizations.


Multiple Shops, Unlimited Payment

Use an all-in-one commerce dashboard to manage payment with PCI DSS, 3D secure transactions & order data seamlessly for every storefront with smart reports, timely payment processing, enhanced reconciliation & more.

How SmartBag is Different from other
eCommerce Platforms?

Personalization at Scale

We enable brands to create personalized commerce that easily scales as per their needs with seamless integration for deep analysis and delivery of more relevant marketing and commerce events.

Extract Insights from
Industry-Leading AI

With our eCommerce solutions, your brands can offer hyper-personalized experiences across several touch points such as site search, product recommendations, shopper analysis, and more.

Integrate any Technologies

Reach your target audience anywhere across an ever-evolving network of touch points with our scalable and extensible eCommerce platform with headless capabilities that can incorporate new technologies.

Maximize your eCommerce Sales
with POS Integration

Using our flexible Point of Sale (POS) system, we can help you create a customizable POS terminal that can keep your products and discounts at your fingertips for faster checkout with seamless inventory management & more.


Get a Powerful Back Office
Management Suite

Make your business work with everything you need to manage with our back office management suite that can streamline operations for inventory, orders, fulfillment & shipping, returns & refunds, etc.

Ready to grow your business?

Whether you are planning to sell products nearby or across the world, we have everything that you are looking for! Attain maximum sales in your eCommerce store effortlessly with Clavax.


eCommerce Website Development

Focused on Delivering Great ROI

Online Stores require a lot of attention on user experience to make it more appealing. A great UI/UX holds a customer to 'click and buy'
rather scrolling to other websites. Being a renowned e-commerce web development company, our developers ensure everything
is in the right place including branding, product layouts and information to make viewer's experience
better thus increases the chances to turn visitors into customers for you

Multi-site Management

Fuel and Optimize your
E-commerce Solutions

No matter how complex your e-commerce store is, it should be optimized to be successful. From simple order processing to facilitating payments around the world, our digital e-commerce solutions help you provide seamless shopping experiences to your customers.

Talk to our experts

Custom E-commerce Web Development,
Engineered for Better Revenues

Hands-on experience in full e-commerce ecosystem

Content Management arrow

Content Management/Product Catalog

Integrating a Content management System into the back-end offers the site owners to effectively manage, update or modify content on the apps, in real time



E-commerce applications often have a prerequisite for high scalability owing to the extremely dynamic nature of users, user accounts, products catalog and the amount of transactions

Scalability arrow
Multi-site Management


Security is integrated into the application right at the onset of the development stage through software security consulting, PCI DSS certification and code validation

Bespoke E-Commerce
Web Development Experiences

Digitize your platform for better marketing of your products or services online. We develop an easy-to-use and beautiful website that elevates your products to boost sales

Substantial Features That You Need

  • Product Inventory

    Allows businesses to do real-time evaluation thus helps in smart decision making

  • Payment Gateways

    Adds convenience and security when facilitating online transactions

  • Extend Everything

    Easy modifications let you grow your business anytime and anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Why An Ecommerce Site Is Important For Your Businesses?

Modern businesses require modern solutions to increase their revenue. Technology has enabled people to purchase products and services from the Ecommerce stores without going to physical stores. An eCommerce site for your business will help you to attract online traffic and build a market base of the customers. It keeps your customers informed about all your latest products and services.

How Can I Choose The Best Platform For My Ecommerce Business Website?

Choosing the best platform whether Android or iOS is always confusing to start your Ecommerce business. Considering a few fundamental things and researching your target audience to choose the best platform for your business. An Ecommerce platform helps you in targeting your audience, handling inventory, tracking reports, and various other services that will boost your revenue.

How Ecommerce website Increases The ROI Of Your Business?

Today's customers need personalized products that are specially curated for them. Apart from traditional business, Ecommerce business has lots of potential to increase sales and enhance your business. A great UI/UX engages customers, makes the products more appealing, and ensures 'click and buy' rather than scrolling to other websites. Thus, it increases the chances of converting traffic into leads.

How Clavax Can Help You In Building An Out-Of-Box Ecommerce Platform?

We have a decade of experience in building custom Ecommerce apps and website development. Our team of expert members help you in creating Ecommerce solutions that help you in building unique Ecommerce platforms to deliver digital success to your business. We use robust tools and technologies to engineer your Ecommerce platform for better revenues.

What Clients Say About us?

Clavax have some of the most skilled ecommerce web developers and designers around. They have shown great attention to detail and delivered excellent work. Again and again. I have already hired them for other projects.

Craig Scutella
CTO Bookfari
Trading PTE LTD


An e-commerce platform directed towards connecting the store's exclusive collection of classy home and office decor with a global consumer base

View Case Study


A recognized Australian-based tradie platform that helps tradespeople to manage their businesses with ease

View Case Study


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