Unmissable Attributes of a Great Ecommerce Application

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April 8, 2022

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A great eCommerce app can be a boon for your business, helping you in making extensive profits, boosting your customer retention, and accumulatively bringing in the results you have always wished for! There are already numerous eCommerce applications running in the market, but not all of them have a track record to attract a huge customer base.

It’s important to know what suits your customers and how they would like to see the products listed on the eCommerce mobile application. According to some surveys, 78% of the users access your store via mobile eCommerce applications than visiting your eCommerce website through a mobile device. They further spend 3 or 4 times longer in a mobile application store.

Thus, for increasing sales and boosting revenue, it’s highly necessary to have an eCommerce application exclusively for your business. Now that we have understood that having an app is necessary, we should also know what are the attributes of building an effective eCommerce app.

Aspects to Consider for An eCommerce Application

Coming straight from the eCommerce website development company, here are some aspects to consider for developing an eCommerce Application.

  • Easy registration & login

One requires to streamline the complete registration and login process to make sure that everything goes smooth and easy in the longer run.  Also, it’s quite necessary that you do not ask for a lot of details from the users, it might frustrate them!

Ease the entire registration process with the right forms and let the customer login to their account using their email address or either through their social media accounts as well. Also, some brands offer direct login through one time passwords.

Therefore, a smooth registration process can always lead to better conversion rates and finally give you much better sales!

  • Multiple Payment Options

One of the leading drawbacks is not having numerous payment options! It can solemnly turn numerous customers away from the application. With so many people favoring numerous other methods, the payment options are required to go beyond just cash on delivery, and regular methods of using credit and debit cards.

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Through an easy eCommerce app and UPI integration, digital payments are the key to evolving your business. some of the other options include App Wallets and Pay Later to make the payment process easy and convenient throughout.

  • Social Media Integration

Integrating social media into the eCommerce application will either be creating extensive opportunities for your customers for sharing and promoting the product and services or will lead to an easy and impactful way to let the customers interact with the brand.

In both cases, there’s a fair chance of free branding. Moreover, if required one can even use their social media account for addressing customer queries/complaints etc.

  • Smooth Navigation and Quick Checkout

Consider this as an imperative aspect of all! An eCommerce app should always have easy navigation throughout. As it’s a lot of stuff added in there, including product categories, subcategories, filters like pricing high to low/low to high, etc.

This helps the customers navigate through the application effortlessly. On the other hand. Quick checkout options are highly appreciated at the same time! if your checkout process is smooth, consider having more orders. Better to have a single-click payment option that leads to easy checkout.

  • User Experience

An eCommerce application will not be able to reach a larger group audience if does not appeal to them! Your app should be visually attractive, make use of fresh colors, clear and concise font, and the images which define your product/service rightly.

According to Justuno, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Isn’t that seeming an adequate example of having an appealing application?

Many brands are already focusing on the factor of pleasant user experience, a leading name Boxed is a wholesale retailer delivering household products and groceries. Their app is great to the eyes and matches the brand identity as well. Its interface differentiates it from the others in the competition. The major turn-on point is their font, clarity, and blends of pleasant colors.

  • Better Customer Support

No matter how smart are the users using the application, there can be instances where they would require support! It might just be regarding navigation, some technical glitches, and simply some queries regarding their pre or post-purchase. And remember no matter what good you’ve done to the app, a couple of negative reviews and turn you down anytime!

Having helpful customer support is highly important. Some brands even hire a separate team or outsource the entire customer support process for better results. In case you’re not having a support team to back up, at least have a separate FAQ section to resolve basic customer queries, on the other hand, your FAQ section can be the primary source of finding answers to regular issues.

Why Do you need a Personalized App Only?

So here we do not have a definite answer! Mostly it’s a matter of choice but practically it is all about customer retention, making customers buy the product/ service, and increasing sales as an ultimate goal. As a brand, you must keep in mind that a personalized eCommerce application for your brand can extensively help you in creating customer trust, smart business outcomes, and free-of-cost branding at the same time.

It’s the ear where everything is right there at the customer’s fingertips, why not they have an option to buy from you and you have an option to easily manage our sales digitally through an app. It’s also a plus as the app can let you manage a lot of stuff including order tracking, inventory management, staff management and so much more!

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has made things clear and easy to understand for you! With plenty of attributes discussed, by now you must have an idea of what to include in your eCommerce mobile application. Find the right ios mobile app development services company near you and get started with your app idea right away.