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April 13, 2022

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Today, more and more people are becoming health conscious due to the rise in various health-related issues. Many are even ready to put a price on their health to stay fit and healthy. With the increase in demand for healthcare apps, people are relying on them and the insights to help them become the best version of themselves.

Whether it’s the workout plan, nutritional diet chart, or online cardio session, there is a mobile app for every one of all age groups.

The fitness & wellness app downloads grew by 46% worldwide after the COVID-19 outbreak. The advent of healthcare apps is becoming a blessing for the healthcare sector. Before you hire experts from the top mobile app development company, let’s check out some of the successful mobile app development trends for fitness!

Reasons Behind Growing Demand for Healthcare Apps

Increase in Usage of Mobile Devices

  • More and more smartphone users demand mobile apps for a better and healthier lifestyle that helps them keep track of their daily calorie count or workout.

Demand for Remote Healthcare

  • Villagers living in the countryside don’t always have access to medical assistance, which is why patient health tracking apps are gaining popularity.

Higher Cost of Health Systems

  • With the increase in population, medical expenses are also rising. Research says healthcare cost in the US is expected to increase from $3 trillion in 2014 to $5 trillion in 2022.

Aging Customers & Need for Instant Medical Access

  • Older people require instant medical care as they are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases than the younger generation audience.

Lower Medical Resources

  • Medical staff deficiency is becoming a serious matter and mHealth apps are a good choice for patients that require a quick assistance.
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Different Fitness App Ideas & Trends- For All Age Groups

Though there are many apps in the market, discovering the right healthcare app at the right time is essential for your app to succeed in the competitive market.

  1. Self-Care & Mental HealthCare Apps

Due to the high level of stress faced by many, protecting mental health is becoming a need of the hour. These types of self-care apps offer Daily Affirmations & Coping Methods to help users in bringing mind and body into balance. Acting like a therapist in your pocket, such apps are gaining huge attention for people looking for a way to have a calmer state of mind & support on a healing journey.


  1. Care Coordination Apps

Healthcare apps that help you stay connected with your loved ones enabling them to keep track of your health condition and be there or send someone when you need medical assistance. These apps act as a perfect way to gain insights and have access to resources for friends and family, which helps to take immediate actions in times of need.

Whether it’s about booking an appointment, arranging nursing care, ordering repeat prescriptions, or viewing medical records, these apps help you to be there with your family and friends even without physical presence. If you are looking for app developers of the trusted appointment booking app development services company, we can be a great help in making your app idea go live.


  1. Virtual Sessions via Telehealth Apps

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, physical meetings have been restricted to avoid the spread of the virus and that is where virtual health appointments or sessions have led to increasing demand. The continued growth of telehealth has enabled consumers and healthcare providers to stay connected with safe access to healthcare anytime, anywhere.

This model of virtually enabled care aims to improve healthcare access with audio/video therapy sessions that are 100% secure and HIPAA-compliant enabling users to talk comfortably about their health conditions in their own space.


  1. Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

An easy-to-use online scheduling platform enables patients to connect with doctors for services like e-prescriptions, remote monitoring, virtual appointments, etc. These apps are great for those who live far away and don’t have quick access to medical facilities as it offers Appointment Booking & Updates for confirmation/availability.

For seamless integration, they can be built with AI-based assistance that offers timely appointment reminders for the next visit, management of patient records, medicines timing, etc. They come with wide network access to many doctors affiliated with good hospital chains giving you an option to connect with the desired medical service provider in just a few taps.


  1. Customized Fitness Apps

There is a surge of home workout apps as many people are becoming health conscious. Building a fitness app can be a great idea for success as they can offer effective workout plans by trained professionals, customized sessions, on-demand training sessions, guidance, or even integration with real-time heart rate.

Your fitness app can offer a personalized dashboard for users to help them to log their daily workouts/ activities & keep track of their progress in terms of calorie burnt or heart rate.


  • Nutrition-Based Apps

Keeping track of your daily calorie count is becoming a need for many especially if you have some medical conditions like allergies or diabetes. Nutrition apps not just promote healthy eating habits but also remind you of daily water intake, essential to keep you fit & fine.

One can just click the food picture to check out the calorie contained in those food items. These apps help users to set a goal whether it is to reduce/gain/maintain weight by keeping track of every calorie intake in every meal the user has for a day.


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