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Clavax is a leading mobile, web, and custom software development company with proficiency in developing digital fitness and wellness solutions that boost business prospects and enhances app visibility. Whether you need a gym workout tracker app, fitness tracker app, or nutrition app, we’ve got you covered. 

Physical Activity Tracking Apps
Workout/ Exercise Fitness Apps
Nutrition & Diet Planner Apps
Fitness App with Yoga Sessions
Fitness E-Commerce Apps
Physical Activity Tracking Apps

Physical activity tracking apps depend on various sensors that transmit health data to mobile apps. For instance, motion trackers used to measure walking, running, swimming, etc. Gyroscope is a device that uses the earth’s gravity to determine the orientation of an object in space.

We are a scalable fitness app development company that offers skilled app health & fitness developers who guide you throughout the app development process and deliver best-in-class solutions that generate great ROI for your business. Some important tools that the developers introduce in physical activity tracker apps are a fit bit, health graph, Lumo, Starva, Google fitness API, and much more.  

physical activity tracking apps
Workout/ Exercise Fitness Apps

With the flourishing mobile app development era, smartphone users can do whatever they want without leaving the comfort of their homes. Whether you are looking for recipes for a healthy diet or achieving fitness goals, one can do everything on their smartphone. Exercise/ Workout fitness apps are a great way to bridge the gap between gym trainers and clients. 
With years of experience and expertise, our health and fitness developers offer robust mobile app solutions that eliminate the need of visiting your gym for a personal trainer. Users can get suggestions for exercises as per their requests. We aim to develop the best workout/ fitness apps that are integrated with videos so that users can get detailed information about their workouts and body postures during their workouts. 

workout exercise fitness apps
Nutrition & Diet Planner Apps

Fitness applications have recently outgrown as compared to any industry as more number of people are striving to stay fit. The apps help to analyse calories and plan meals every week automatically. Also, it lets users connect with diet coaches and get personalized suggestions and nutrition tips. 
Our fitness app development team focuses on developing apps that generate revenue for your business. The app allows users to fill data such as desired weight, diet, and food preferences. Through apps, users can efficiently create diet chat for a day, week, or a month according to the user’s requests. 

nutrition and diet planner apps
Fitness App with Yoga Sessions

Yoga has become a global healthcare trend. With yoga and meditation apps, users can carry out their yoga irrespective of their time and place. Apps are developed to provide users an option to practice Yoga & meditation at their convenience. Moreover, these apps help to manage yoga class and keep track of health at the same time. 
Clavax is a leading fitness app development company that delivers world-class mobile solutions to all yoga lovers. The mobile apps can be successfully integrated with video classes that can run both online and offline. Furthermore, the apps can help you keep track of both health and yoga sessions, effortlessly. 

fitness app with yoga sessions
Fitness E-Commerce Apps

In current times, health, fitness, or nutrition have become significant aspects of any individual’s life. No wonder, you will see thousands of e-commerce apps that are catering healthcare and fitness industry. With the introduction of e-commerce in the fitness and healthcare industry, entrepreneurs can leverage the opportunity to sell fitness gear, workout clothing, supplements & vitamins, exercise equipment, etc. 
Being a reliable fitness app development company, we offer fully-customized e-commerce solutions that generate great ROI for your business. We craft innovative mobile solutions that help you keep track of all the activities and helps you take adequate action upon the request generated by the customers. Hiring our fitness app developers, you can achieve your business goals faster.  

fitness ecommerce apps

Essential Features in Fitness App Needed For Success

With years of experience and holding strong expertise, we have successfully delivered 250+ applications aligned to customers’ needs. From push notifications to synchronizing in multiple devices, our fitness and health app developers take care of every minute detail to deliver unique & robust solutions.  

Customized Diet Plans

A fitness app development offers its users to create a personalized diet plan according to the body types and requirements. Moreover, you can also add a feature like “recipe” to maximize user engagement. 


The altimeter is a smart feature that calculates your altitude which includes height from the sea level, location, barometric pressure, and water boiling. It is an essential perk for any fitness enthusiasts who travel frequently. 

Water Tracking Attribute

Besides, following daily food routines or focusing on fitness workouts, water tracking attribute is a great solution for sending reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day. The app automatically tracks daily water intake based on gender and weight. 

Activity Progress Tracker

The feature helps track user’s health and notifies them about the improvement they need. Also, health and fitness developers use the latest technologies to develop apps that enable a smooth journey towards customer’s fitness goals.

fitness mobile app development services
What Makes Our Fitness App Development Services


Being a reliable fitness app development company, we offer advance and feature-rich health & fitness apps that become helpful for many physicians, dieticians, trainers, and nutritionists to deliver efficient services to their clients. Our mobile app developers develop unmatched fitness apps with an array of features using the advanced app development technology. 

  • Expert Collaboration
  • Custom-made Solutions
  • Better Business Efficiency
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Diverse Portfolio

The Must Have Features in Fitness App

One on one Video Coaching

Fitness app development let you give free space to your customers for one on one video coaching and goal setting with a trained coach along with hundreds of working out at the same time.  

Food & Fitness Tracker

Tracking your food intake and keeping a check on the fitness is easy with health and fitness app development. Get a smart tracking feature specially designed for the weight watchers.  

Payment Gateway Integration  

Fitness application development is not in complete use if you do not have a payment gateway integrated. Allow your users to make payments through their cards, wallets and online.  

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are always a plus and a chosen option for the health and fitness app developers. They are the daily alerts which can set be kept on weekly and monthly basis too.  

Social Media Integration  

Fitness app builders treat social media integration as an imperative factor. It allows social media channels to act as an extension of your existing branding & marketing efforts.  

Geo Location Integration  

Help your users to monitor the directions and routes while driving or walking towards your fitness club etc. Let the fitness app developers get you through the process.  

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With digital know-how and relevant experience, our development team offers remarkable mobility solutions for the fitness industry customized to your business needs. Either you need a native or cross-platform app development, we’ve got you covered. Our strong and skilled development team focuses on building feature-rich applications that help you achieve your business goals seamlessly. 

Hire a Dedicated Fitness App Developer
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Fitness App Development Cost

The cost of health and fitness app depends on various factors like size, complexity, team size, location of the outsourcing company, and platform support. Every app development comes with different types of functionalities that trigger its cost. An ideal iOS or Android app with average features can cost you around $15000 to $30000. However, if you choose cross-platform then the cost may rise to $50000. 
Being a reliable fitness app development company, we offer best-in-class mobile app development services to get a competitive edge over the others in the marketplace. Our development team charges between $25 to $49/hour for fitness apps and the price variably depends on platforms, functionality, features, and device compatibility. Our services include integration with multiple features like daily alerts, rewards, graphs to track progress, social media channels, and many more. For more details, you can consult our mobile app development team and let’s get started. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features should a fitness app have?

A fitness app must have a user profile creation, workout plans, tracking and monitoring tools, nutrition guides, live video tutorials, social features, push notifications, goal settings, analytics, health data integration, offline access, subscription options, and customer support features for a comprehensive fitness experience.

How do I create a fitness app?

Once you have completed the market research, you can contact a fitness app development company or hire a developer to design the UI, write the app code, and test the app for functionality. Partnering with a web development company reduces cost and time to launch.

How much does it cost to build a fitness app?

The cost of developing a fitness app depends on several factors such as size, complexity, team size, location, and platform support. Each app development comes with a separate set of features and functionalities. A standard iOS or Android app with common features can cost you around $15000 to $30000. A cross-platform may cost up to $50000. Get an estimate here.

How long does it take to develop a fitness app?

The time needed to develop a fitness app varies by the size, features, functionality, resources, and complexity of the project. Share your requirements with Clavax to get an estimated time.

What are the benefits of outsourcing fitness app development services?

Rather than out-staffing or team augmentation, you can outsource fitness app development to an app development company. Here’re the top benefits of outsourcing fitness app development-

  • Access to broader talent pool
  • Expertise in latest technologies
  • Quick development
  • Efficient QA
  • Fresh perspective on design
  • Timely completion
  • Reduced cost and time
How do I know if my fitness app idea is safe with Clavax?

At Clavax, data integrity is our top priority. We ensure that your intellectual property is protected all the time and that’s why we sign the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). Whether it’s your fitness app idea, business model, code, or design, we keep it confidential.

What are the steps to building a fitness e-commerce store?

The first step of developing a fitness e-commerce store is deciding the products you want to sell online. After that, you can proceed with selecting your business model, choosing your e-commerce platform, developing your fitness app, and finally launching the fitness e-commerce store.

Can workout apps be integrated with wearable devices or fitness trackers?

Yes, the workout apps can be integrated with wearable devices and fitness trackers to enhance the user experience and gather the body vitals. Such integration allows the users to track their workouts and other fitness activities seamlessly.

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