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Stay on Top with Customized Online Auction Software Solution

To excel in an increasingly competitive market, real estate businesses need property management solutions that can streamline & control
their entire real estate lifecycle to attract users for a better home buying experience. We believe in overcoming the issues involved in the
property search procedure with our easy-to-use Real Estate digital solution aligned with latest market trends.

Auction Software

We develop custom auction software to bring buyers & sellers in one transparent marketplace for the end-to-end real estate auctions. The platform enables the user to easily search their next home by simply browsing all the available properties, bid on desired auction property & close the deal- all in a place.

Property Management

With the support of cloud-based architecture, our solutions provide easy access to the the property information available, 24 hours a day. We build CRM apps for property management to store contact information, leases, schedules & maintain better communication between landlords & tenants.

Real Estate App Development

While managing a property or the entire real estate portfolio, several moving parts are involved which can overwhelm the staffs. Our custom real estate apps help in connecting the strands of real estate, allowing real estate companies to be more productive & efficient as they sell, buy or manage their properties.

Multiple Listing Service(MLS)

Our custom MLS software search platform enables buyers & sellers to search/analyze a huge number of property listings improving reliability & efficiency in the marketplace. It leverages real estate business with tailored search engines & spreadsheet apps for statistical analysis.

Real Estate Valuation Engines

Our Real estate software determines valuation & analysis for a wide range of properties without error & time drain. With the support of predictive analytics, it offers an easy and intuitive user interface with thorough projections, presentation-quality reports & real-time output of results.

Real Estate CRM Solutions

With a custom real estate CRM platform, you can never miss an opportunity to connect with potential prospects. It is an end-to-end process management tool that comes with dynamic capabilities, helping you manage incoming leads, handle multiple incoming requests, and stay on top of important tasks.

Real-Time Updates

Users track auctions with live status alerts & receive updates on upcoming auctions

Live Auctions

Support cloud-based applications enabling users to watch and bid auctions in real-time.

Inventory Management

Supports feature to add, edit, and delete inventory & Photo loader to load image data


Tracks all the buying and selling activities with an efficient payment processing method

Easy Bidding Setup

Offers convenience to set bidding rules, bid amount, historical price, target price & others

Analytics & Notifications

Supports a messaging service, analytics process & search engine running in the system

Consolidated Platform

Benefits both listing & selling brokers by sharing property information & commissions too.

Search Made Easy

MLS help buyers get instant access to listings that meet desired criteria, price & location

More Exposure

Sellers can expose their properties to hundreds of potential buyers through MLS

Mobile App Support

Deliver real-time notifications & alerts on new listings and price reductions through apps

Statistical Analysis

Build MLS platform with exportable spreadsheet apps for statistical analysis to get insights

Property Listing

Allow all the registered brokers to check out one another’s listings of properties for sale.

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"$50 Million in investments from Google Capital. $26+ billion and 100,000+ in residential and commercial properties sold" - We helped them transform the nation’s real estate scenario by creating an online portal valued at $1.2 billion in investments.

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