How to Build an All-in-One Project Management App for Contractors Like – Joist App?

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January 23, 2023

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Are you a real estate developer, contractor, agent, or broker? Do you want to streamline your decision-making processes, set up targets to track progress, and gain insights into business performance?
If yes, a real estate mobile app development services company delivers you an all-in-one real estate project management app to streamline your real estate business.
An all-in-one project management app helps you effectively plan, track, and execute your real estate projects.
It helps you in meeting client expectations, manages costs, and maximize profits. As a contractor, you can access, export, or store customer information, record payments, and customize invoices by adding brand logos.
Let’s see how you can build an all-in-one application development solution in commercial real estate, the estimated cost, and the features you need.

Why Do You Need an All-in-One Project Management App?

Today, the real estate business is on the rise. Almost everyone wants to invest in the property as the growth opportunities are high and less risky.
With the rising demand, real estate businesses are gaining a boost. A project management app for real estate contractors and brokers plays an important role in effectively managing your real estate business.
An all-in-one project management app provides ease in effectively managing your business.  A mobile and web platform for estimating, invoicing, recording, processing payments, and managing projects from anywhere.
Joist aims to enable contractors to reach their fullest potential. We make it effortless for contactors to win jobs, get time back in their day, and better serve their customers.

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What is Joist App and How Does It Work?

Joist is an all-in-one project management app for Android and iOS devices. It enables contractors to manage projects, accept payments, create, or edit invoices and many more.
Joist is created for real estate work that aims to target contractors, brokers, and real estate-related businesses like- electricians, landscapers, roofers, carpenters, etc.
Using Joist app can help you in streamlining decision-making processes, set up targets, track progress, and gain insights into business performance through reports with the best mobile app for real estate agents. 

  • Manage, organize, and automate your booking records. Spend less time on keeping your records and spend more time delighting customers.
  • Stay organized and manage customers on the go with easy to Store, access, and export of customer information from anywhere.
  • Joist app allows you to generate estimates, invoice, collect payments, and manage projects from anywhere. You can create and share estimates in just minutes with an easy-to-use mobile estimating tool.
  • Send professional invoices to your customers and record your payments, issue payment reminders, and easily keep track of your monthly sales. You can collect from various payment gateways.

Features to Integrate into Your Real Estate Project Management App?

Professional Estimate Generator

Your professional estimate generator helps you in creating and delivering estimates in just minutes.
It helps you in estimating the cost of your project with improved accuracy, transparency, and professionalism.
Thus, the best mobile app for real estate agents generates reports for your customers and easily wins your potential customers.
An online estimate can be reused for different purposes or create duplicate estimate templates to save time and simplify your sales process.

Prepare Invoice

The invoicing feature allows you to create and send invoices in minutes. Customize your invoices, sell bigger jobs, get paid faster, and offer flexible payment methods to your customers.
Stay on top of your business with simple sales reports to record payments, view monthly sales reports, and easily keep track of outstanding invoices.

Payment Gateways

Integrating payment gateways in your project management app is the most essential thing. It allows you to securely and conveniently accept payments by credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
You can cut cash flow delays by collecting payments straight from click-to-pay invoices. Users can easily transfer payments to their accounts, pay with their cards, and can schedule easy installments.

Easy Data Integration and Syncs

Manage, organize, and automate your bookkeeping by syncing with cloud storage. Integrating and syncing your data within cloud storage helps you in keeping records and spending more time delighting customers.
Thus, keep your books organized and eliminate duplicate data. This will keep a better track of how much money is flowing in and out of your business.

Client Management

Staying organized and managing customers on the go just got that much easier. Store, access, and export customer information from anywhere at any time.
Deliver clear, professional estimates and invoices, convenient payment options and simple eSignatures to wow your clients.
Easily add new customers and access relevant customer information on-the-job within your customer records.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like – Joist App?

It is very important to determine the cost of building an all-in-one project management app for your real estate business.
The pricing for the best mobile app for real estate agents and your project management app depends largely on the volume of your real estate business and the features that you want to integrate into your app.
However, it is impossible to determine the overall cost of building the best mobile app for real estate agents, but you can easily determine the estimated cost from our project cost estimation calculator.
If you are looking to build a property management app development in USA with more modules with some extended functionality, then the cost of the building may shoot up to $20000 to $30000.
However, this cost may increase if you include cloud services, customized functionalities, high-end design, animations, and graphics. The more complex your app then the more will be the overall cost of the app.

How Clavax Can Help You in Building Project Management App For Your Real Estate Business?

Today, real estate businesses are in the need of an all-in-one project management app. It streamlines their business operation and helps in maintaining their records of clients as well as transactions.
If you are looking for an all-in-one app then hire real estate mobile app developers in USA. Clavax is the top real estate mobile app development services company that helps you in developing the best real estate business solutions.
Hire real estate mobile app developers in USA like – Clavax to build the best real estate apps for agents. Our team of expert developers and professionals helps you in building the best education app.