How To Build Property Line and Parcel Data Apps Like- LandGlide, Regrid, and onX Hunt Apps?

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January 13, 2023

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Do you want to get a quick and easy idea of where your property boundaries are? You will be surprised to know that there is a mobile real estate app for measuring your property.
It is quite amazing to determine where your property end and your neighbors begin. Using a property line app helps you in determining your property boundary.
However, using a property line app won’t replace hiring a surveyor. It helps you in determining the boundaries of a property.
Property line parcel data apps use GPS to determine your current location and show the information that is stored on parcel records and maps.
In this article, we will discuss how a real estate app development company helps you in building property line and parcel data apps to streamline your real estate business.

Why Does Use a Property Line App?

Property line apps are more feature-rich and let you save locations and data. These apps include GIS mapping and offline functioning to enhance the experience of customers.
This type of property line app can be helpful when you’re in the early stages of planning your project because it doesn’t deliver you a certification of your property.
Property line and parcel data apps help you in measuring your property data with better accuracy and precision.
If you are planning to buy a new property or to construct something on your land then you can use tools like – LandGlide, Regrid, and onX Hunt apps to calculate land areas with efficient ease.
Thus, a property line app lets you gather the essential information you’ll need before you get started.

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Popular Property Line Apps in The USA

There are many property line and parcel data apps to determine the work on both iOS and Android devices. While some are free, a few of the best ones charge a subscription fee.
A free trial is often available, so you can try the app and see if it works for you before you commit to paying for it.

  1. LandGlide

LandGlide is a property line and parcel data app that works on desktop and mobile devices. It is the most prominent and super effective land measuring app that has the best features that make land measuring effortless and fun rather than trouble.
This mobile real estate app relies on GPS to pinpoint your location to identify or choose a property and view its details.
It shows the details of the property’s owners, sale price and date, square footage, and address.

  1. Regrid

The Regrid app, formerly known as Landgrid is an innovative and intelligent app that provides you with a platform to get instant land measurements easily and effortlessly.
It helps you in looking up parcel data across the U.S. so that you can use it to find your property lines or to get information about the property.
The Regrid app includes a feature that lets you get a property survey in just a few minutes by eliminating the need to conduct a survey manually.
The app works on Android and Apple devices and lets you view properties, save details, and conduct surveys.

  1. onX Hunt

The onX Hunt app is designed to figure out the location of your home’s property line. It uses GPS and GIS mapping from any point to the other using an accurate measurement and tracking path provided by the app to show you locations and boundaries.
You can get instant information about a land area on the app with the areas and images. Thus, onX Hunt is a great app to make a quick survey of your properties.

Features To Integrate into Your Property Line and Parcel Data Apps

Easy Property Location

Property line and parcel data apps use the GPS of your mobile device to set the accurate location of your property.
It uses the right location to offer you a more clean, modern, and professional look for your real estate business.
Whether you’re searching for a real-time location of your property across town then you can access the parcel data you need within the app.

Send Data of Property

With this feature, you can allow your audiences to set GPS parcel data apps with their property and enable them to send data of property with beautifully designed property boundary maps, including property line and land boundary overlays.
All you need is to hover over a property to access the exact information you need.

Pin Multiple Location Data Sets

The ability to pin multiple locations allows users to send or share locations along with all the standard property parcel data.
They can easily share the location of the property locations with others from anywhere to the associates that have internet access.
Multiple pins can be logged and shared quickly to lock in property parcel data such as property ownership information, building data, property lines, parcel boundaries, and more.

House Flipping

Real estate professionals and property investors typically drive around searching for newly listed houses or vacant properties that could be targeted for rebuilding or rehabbing.
They can drop a pin at the location in which they’re interested and share it with their clients, associates, and other collaborators.

Exporting List of Parcel Data

Land developers with multiple employees can easily identify the prime areas for development through multiple pin sets and can export the relevant data with the team or company.
Thus, it allows land developers and professionals to save and send their locations with their collaborators and other associates for their consideration.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like- LandGlide?

Determining how much to build a real estate app, the budget, and the overall development cost of building a property line and parcel data app helps you in deciding the expected investment.
However, the overall cost of development depends on the several features that you want to integrate into your app development.
The average cost of developing an app range from US$40000 to US$70000. Custom real estate application development like- LandGlide varies on the level of experience of development companies.
This can increase or decrease the expected time of app development. Choose the right development company and estimate the overall real estate app development cost so that you can invest in building future-proof apps.

How Clavax Can Help You in Building Property Line and Parcel Data App?

If you are planning to be the next “Real estate future” app for Gen Z, then it will be better to build a plan according to your business needs.
This will help many real estate developers, agents, and brokers to integrate and use futuristic apps in the real estate business. We at Clavax technology are the best real estate app development company.
We can easily help you in building a property line and parcel data app for your real estate business. We have decades of experience in building various apps for different businesses and startups.
Our team of expert professionals uses the latest technology and advanced development process to build your real estate business.