Why is Mobile App better than Mobile Website?

February 16, 2017

Reading time about 3 minutes

As per the research conducted, most of the users spend more than 80% of their mobile time on the mobile apps. Rather than visiting the mobile website, users prefer to use the mobile app for almost every tasks like booking tickets, shopping online, making payments, etc. Some of the shopping brands allow the user to use their services only after installing the apps on their phones. In addition to that, mobile App provides a personalized experience to the user and provides desired suggestions as per their previous records.

The main reason why mobile websites fail is because many websites are very poorly optimized for mobile and are usually covered with disturbing ads and popups. Another thing that Web Application Development Company should focus is to make well-optimized mobile websites with better animations & layouts.

Here are some of the reasons why mobile apps are better than mobile websites:

  • Better Engagement

Since the mobile apps are purpose-specific and are easy to use, most of the users find app much better than a mobile website. It helps in providing a better interaction for the user to engage with the content. Users can access the app anytime from their mobile as it provides easy accessibility increasing user engagement with the app.

  • Offline or Online Access

The best thing about the mobile app is that it can be accessed instantly with a single tap of the app icon on your phones. It allows users to quickly find any information they are looking for. Most of the mobile apps can be accessed offline as the data stored locally on the device are present.

  • Enhanced Security

The mobile apps are integrated with the advanced security systems to ensure a high level of protection on the confidential information user stores on it. Also, user can also choose to lock the apps and the functionalities it offers.

  • Improved Productivity

Apps not only offer better communication interface but also allows easy access to the resources. It has been recorded that apps lead to increase in about 40% productivity and user spends more time on the app rather than a website, which helps in generating more revenue.

As we can see that mobile app offers best features than mobile websites, it is suggested that you create a very effective mobile app for your business to enhance productivity & growth. Get in touch with the best app development company to develop your business app now, as it provides a rapid way to connect with customers.