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Almost all retailers face challenges like the need to increase sales and market shares; gain detailed insights into the consumers and in delivering a highly customized shopping experience.

The prime focus for any business enterprise is to gain new customers while being able to retain the existing consumers. At Clavax, we intend to be a reliable and effective provider of loyalty programs that act as a support towards enhancing your business processes and customer interactions. The service offerings at Clavax include customized and ready-to-use customer loyalty solutions, facilitating their instantaneous integration.

You can achieve customer loyalty in the truest sense when you offer a consistent brand experience that is both valuable and relevant to your customers. Data analytics along with loyalty programs for consumers facilitate businesses in orchestrating and leveraging multichannel customer engagement programs across the enterprise

Why Implement Loyalty Solutions?

With the ever-changing dynamics of consumer behavior and technology, businesses can never be too sure about the loyalties of their existing consumer base. Studies (Bond Brand Loyalty) suggest that 68% millennials will not mind switching brands if they did not have some good loyalty programs in place; 60% will readily switch brands for more benefits.

Implementing the right kind of loyalty solutions becomes imperative to ensure customer engagement, higher traffic and conversion rates. With the integration of loyalty solutions like Pay by point, brands can offer loyalty benefits to customers at the point of sales.

The benefits of integrating Loyalty Solutions with your Businesses

  • Influences the purchasing decisions of the consumers

  • Acquire new customer while formulating strategies to retain and reengage existing or lost consumers

  • Enhance consumer experiences across multichannel platforms of your business

  • Drive traffic or footfalls and increase sales

Why Loyalty Programs ?

We offers customizable and ready-to-use options for launching and integrating Loyalty Programs for customers to increase market value of a client's business

  • 81% of consumers fail to understand the benefits of the retailer's loyalty program

  • 69% of consumers interpret loyalty program communications as irrelevant

  • 64% of consumers don't receive the right motivation from loyalty programs

  • 44% of consumers have had a negative experience with their loyalty program

  • 27% of consumers have received a reward that they would never buy or use


From acquiring new customers to retaining the old ones – businesses run on an infinite loop. For a generation that relies heavily on the connected devices, engagement and subsequent conversion remains key issues. An effective solution to address these issues lies in the implementation of customer loyalty programs, such as our in-house, fully customizable loyalty program, Pay by Point.


From acquiring new customers to retaining the old ones – businesses run on an infinite loop.

  • Transparent Fee Structure With No Exit Fees
  • No Extra Hardware Or Software Integration Required
  • User Based Usage Criteria
  • Safety And Security Of Data Is Ensured
  • Supported By Experts
  • Beneficial For All Kinds Of Businesses
  • The Platform Can Handle Multiple Users
  • Monitor Performance Through Built-In Reporting Tools

Case Study

To achieve the targeted task of increasing revenue and building loyalty programs for customers,
we put the best of our technological expertise to deliver the right product to you

Great job. Showed very strong knowledge of Loyalty Applications and helped with some additional suggestions and improvements. Will definitely use again - and recommend highly.

Mark Pullen, Life Club

Source : Ibid, Colloqy & ACI

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