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Is your business ready to adapt to this rising technology change? Are you equipped to cater to an increasingly global
audience whose preferred mode of communication is via digital media?
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    $40 Trillions

    The Net worth of the real estate asset class in the US that is set to grow even further at the current rate

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    2.2 weeks

    The time that an Internet buyer spends closing deals as compared to 6 weeks spent by a traditional buyer

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    $170 Billion

    Revenue generated from real estate sales during the year 2012

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    The increase in Internet searches while buying properties

Case Studies

The real estate market is going global; digitization and large-scale expansion is setting to further enhance real estate sales and services. Besides, with physical space around the globe shrinking, technology-enabled real estate services will assume an even greater role.

Is your business ready to adapt to this rising technology change? Are you equipped to cater to an increasingly global audience whose preferred mode of communication is via digital media? If not, it is high time that your business uncovers the market growth opportunities offered by technological advancements.

Working with us

Clavax offers a comprehensive solution to streamline transactions across all forms of property dealings to provide an improved buying and selling experience to both buyers and sellers.

We have developed the website for, the largest online bidding platform in the United States of America. With investors like Google Capital and Stone Point Capital, has managed to sell more than a hundred thousand residential and commercial properties worth more than 26 billion dollars. A case study to let you get more insights on the project we have worked on. Take a look!
icon lands $50 million in funding from Google Capital - Our state-of-the-art website and auction platform, backed by a multi-million dollar annual marketing budget, assures that every property listed on our website receives the maximum amount of exposure to the relevant market. -50-million-investment/6026763/

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    Whether you are a renter, buyer or an agent, you can effortlessly search, rent or lease properties with our property management service offerings.

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    Property Listings

    Allow users to sell properties on your website or let buyers directly connect with the sellers and agents with options to integrate a CMS, EMS or a CRM system.

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    Organize or manage your auctions in real time on the web, with a bespoke or plug-and-play online auctions module.

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    Allow your agents to leverage the power of Internet while carrying out property transactions with either one-to-one or one-to-many buyers as well as sellers.


  • Optimized Search

    We utilize technology and experience to help clients implement a search functionality that would allow customers on their website to search for properties right down to the last digit of a zip code.

  • Event-based Registration

    Users have the option to register for only specific auction events with an event-specific registration feature. . Our customized registration modules, developed with the latest technologies, make it a seamless process

  • Automated Bidding

    With this functionality, online bidders get to set aside a certain amount in response to an on-going auction, which automatically updates to match the ongoing bid amounts.

  • Multilingual

    Cater to a global audience from diverse demographics by enabling the access of your global website in multiple regional languages.

  • Calendar Option

    Let your users keep track of all events – prior and upcoming – with a custom-designed calendar option.

  • Demo Bidding Module

    It is always a fair bet to let your clients be acquainted with the system before proceeding and our demo bidding modules aims to achieve just that.

  • Electronic Signatures

    Ensure authenticity of both buyers and bidders by integrating electronic signatures into the site to maintain the integrity of buyers, sellers and their corresponding documents.

  • Live Chat

    Assistance available at the click of a button – add a live chat functionality to improve customer support on your website.


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    Advanced Listing Options

    Level out the competition by leveraging technology to create and provide users with advanced listing and search features, facilitating buyer-seller interaction on the web.

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    Property Management

    An effectively designed property management module can efficiently help businesses track assets in both commercial as well as residential trading sectors.

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    Ready-to-use Solutions

    Ensure faster time-to-market with our ready-to-use solutions – easily implement the independently built modules into your existing or new website.

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    Mobile Apps

    Real estate is a highly mobile form of business and it is only apt to further optimize returns with a mobile application.

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    Custom-built User Modules

    Deploy modules that can be adapted around your business structure to streamline the performance of your website.

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