how much to make app

How much to Make an App?

The application market is booming at a rate never witnessed before. According to a report, the market share of mobile apps is estimated to reach the mark of $77 Billion by the year 2017.

The mentioned figure easily testifies the burgeoning rate at which businesses are taking their ‘app way’.

But before developing the app for a business, the main question that comes up in our mind is: How much to make an app?

In this blog, we have laid out some of the major types of applications and their cost of development

1. Simple applications –  This kind of apps does not require a longer time period for development. An example could be a plain and simple email application that would provide basic information in the simplest manner.
Cost of Development: $5000 – $10,000

2. Database-driven apps – These apps lay heavy importance on its framework as it emphasizes very much on each piece of its content whether it is image, content, sound, image and so forth. The main cost of the development basically accounts for architecting the logic behind the application.
Cost of Development: $8000 – $50,000

3. Games – When it comes to developing gaming apps, it can become a quite costly task. Characterized by utter complexity, these applications are basically developed keeping in mind today’s high-end smartphones.
Cost of Development: $10,000 – NA

Above listed pricing scheme will provide a fair idea of the cost to create an app during its phase of development.

To conclude, apps are destined to tag along with humans for a long period of time as they are the part of the most important development of our civilization, i.e. our mobile phones. But you must keep in mind that building an app requires a lot of time, capital and a large investment of your vision. That is why it is necessary to be motivated by the idea that you get you pay for. Remember it every day, stick to it and see your business reach a new level of success.

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