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How Our App Cost Calculator Works?

It all starts with an innovative concept. An idea can change the way how the target audience is interacting with your business. But most of these ideas fail due to lack of proper planning, unorganized budgets, and extended deadlines. To reach your business goal as planned, it is imperative to know mobile app development costs beforehand. Also, having a rough estimate in earlier stages not only helps in making up your mind for the investment required but also lets you do the necessary negotiations with mobile app development companies. Knowing its potential and witnessing the benefits to clients, Clavax came up with the most accurate and reliable app cost calculator tool. The app cost calculator helps you estimate the cost to develop your app within minutes. All you need to do is answer a few questions based on your requirements. Using our app cost estimation tool, you don’t need to disclose your idea to us until you are satisfied with the quotes. Client satisfaction is our #1 priority. The first step of our app cost calculator is deciding which is the best platform for your app. Choosing the right platform can help you reach your target audience faster. Apple iOS is a better choice to reach a more engaged user base, while Android has a broader reach. You can also choose both, depending upon the requirements of your business.

Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown

Below we have gathered a table of five factors that affect app development cost and time. More will be the development time, higher will be the cost. It will help you have a clear idea of how much budget is required to turn your business idea into reality.

1. Mobile App Platform (Native app vs Web App)

Native apps are platforms specific; you need to decide between iOS and Android. iOS apps are built with Swift and Objective C, and Android apps are built with Java and Kotlin. However, if you want to create an app for both platforms, the app development cost will be higher. You can expect to develop a custom Android or iOS app in 160 to 190 hours for a cost of $10,000 - $15,000. Web App is typically coded with JavaScript and HTML and rely on the browser to render the data. The development time to build a web app is lesser than a native app, you can expect a simple mobile app build in 80 to 120 hours for a cost of $8000 to $14,000.

2. Mobile App Design (Custom vs Enterprise App Design)

Using an app cost calculator, you can take quotes of both the app designs. A custom app designer can surprisingly make your app look more polished and intuitive for its users. Customization allows you to enhance the functionality of the app and makes it easier for you to use premium features in your app. It takes almost 40 to 80 hours of development time, and the app building cost is higher than building with app templates. Enterprise or Professional app designs costlier as they take more time to build however, it is worth every penny. The most complex projects require expert professional design teams to create both UI and UX designs.

3. Security Level for Your Mobile App

Every reliable app development company ensures to choose a secure source code. The app development cost depends on what option you choose. The simple security measures take up to 12 to 18 hours of development. However, a higher level of security, where the mobile app development team creates encrypted containers to store data safely, takes up to 24-32 hours of development time.

4. Complexity of Features

The mobile app development companies majorly estimate the cost of your app based on the features and design complexity. The app development cost calculator calculates each feature cost as per the time taken to build these features. For instance

5. Location of the Software Outsourcing Company

Finally, your technology partner’s location also affects app development costs. Outsourcing in Asian countries will help you save more, without compromising on quality.

Average cost of app development

Another easiest way to get an idea about how much to make an app for your business idea might cost is to look for
average cost of a mobile app as per different industry domains. For instance,

Both app cost calculator and information about average cost industry domain-wise can help you determine the cost to create an app for your business. It is also crucial that you consider hourly rates of app developers as it varies from country to country. You can also use a mobile app development cost formula to get quick estimates if you all the information.

App Development Cost = (Features * Development Time) * Hourly Rate

You will be dealing with various variables at each step of the mobile app development process, including the discovery stage, design, development, testing, marketing, etc. The decisions you make at every step can affect the final cost of your mobile app.

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