Business Analysis
& User Experience Design

Delivering Best-in-Class Customer Experience

Smarter organizations know that the perfect combination of business analysis & user experience provides the best approach for the delivery of successful solutions.
User Experience (UX) is what you need to keep in mind while developing products to ensure that your business never fails to reach out to its target
audience, thereby aiding in generating leads. Our team focusses on delivering a powerful user experience that has a profound impact
on organizations enabling them to maximize their IT investments & meet business goals



      Build Out-of-the-box ideas with
      cutting-edge technology


      User Experience

      Integrate user-friendly controls to optimize
      graphical user interface



      Develop prototype to test & validate idea
      before putting into use

How User Experience Drives Business & Brand Value?

In this digital era, customer experience is the main key to increase retention, satisfaction & sales irrespective of any business sector you are in.
Experts say 79% of all consumers switch to a competitor the minute their experience turns sour! For customers to appreciate
your services, businesses need to create & deliver personalized experiences that will lure their loyalty. We help clients
in bringing quantifiable value to your business with a seamless user experience.

Enhanced Project
Success Rate

A proper collaboration of business analysis & design helps in identifying improved customer outcomes to earn new customers & retain existing ones.

Lower Development Costs

Provide faster & less expensive development of application if all the requirements are fully articulated before starting the project

Great Revenue with
Stronger User Adoption

Creating robust experience that aligns seamlessly with user behavior will lead to greater user adoption leading to higher revenue

Our Approach to Exceptional UI/UX Design

We at Clavax believe that the best designs are only possible when there is an interaction and exchange of ideas among consumers.
Our efforts in getting the best idea on board go through the following five stages of design and development:


Ensure that the target audience is kept in mind while laying the design plan by gathering as much information as we can before we move to the next phase of development


Based on the requirement of our clients & the target users of the application, we design the user interface & build solutions that match with your creative idea


Then comes the coding stage, wherein we put our technical expertise of tools and technologies to create the product as envisioned by the client


Testing & validating the developed codes at both the client and server end is a must to build a glitch-free interface that is available for users to deploy and run on their operating systems



Last but not the least, your product is up and running, now what? We also offer our clients with maintenance support of the product after it has completed the deployment stage

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