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Clavax is a trusted mobile app development company in Sydney that offers a wide range of native app development services bespoke to your business needs, including enterprise-grade mobile apps. Avail end-to-end, native Android, iOS, cross-platform, hybrid app, and custom mobile app development services.


Quality Android App Development Sydney

Your business is not completely successful until your customers have access to your brand on their favorite brands. Scale your business with the customized mobile app that meets your customers’ demands and increases your customer base. With the experienced team of mobile app developers Sydney, we put a strong emphasis on the quality of the code and best programming practices. Clavax is specialized in delivering mobile apps for startups and enterprises across the world using the most updated and emerging technologies.

As the emergence of mobile phones changed the technological landscape, we understand the need of automating and integrating business processes on mobile platforms. Our developers have strong expertise in languages like Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Python, etc., and leading Android frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, and many more. If you are looking for a reliable android app development company in Sydney Australia, get your app rolled out by the expert team that uses the latest development strategies.

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End-to-End iPhone App Development Sydney

With a highly skilled programming team, Clavax helps businesses across the world to touch new heights with innovative mobile apps customized perfectly as per specific clients' requirements. Being the trusted firm for iPhone app development in Sydney, our iOS developers in Australia have proven expertise to build apps for iPhone and all iOS devices such as iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Right from the concept to the app delivery, we offer services throughout the entire development cycle leveraging agile technology and the right talent. We believe in tasking a user-focused approach to enable clients to build stronger relationships with their customers. If you need to hire mobile app developers Sydney that provides full iOS app development services, Clavax is the right choice! Accomplish your business needs with the award-winning iOS mobile apps development company and deliver seamless customer experiences.

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Futuristic Progressive Web App Development Sydney

If you are thinking to take the next step in the world of mobile and web apps, choose Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that give the feel of native apps with enhanced user experience. We are one of the top mobile app development companies in Sydney, Australia that has been successfully delivering PWA running on varying screen sizes and devices. Without the need to create separate apps for Android and iOS platforms, PWAs replace responsive web design and deliver an experience just like native apps.

In the digital era where users are becoming addicted to smartphones, PWA is the smart way for businesses to maximize user engagement with apps that run seamlessly on all the platforms. By combining the functionalities of web and mobile apps together, we build PWA that does not take up a large amount of space on user devices with offline access and add to home screen functionality. Make your business thrive by choosing us and converting your existing websites into result-oriented progressive web apps with exceptional customer experience.

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Custom AR and VR Application Development Services

As a leading mobile app development firm in Sydney, our developers make use of immersive reality technologies to help businesses create solid brand engagement with tailored Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps for businesses of any size. With the motive to stimulate the environment for compelling customer experience, we deliver AR/VR solutions for multiple platforms to gain benefits with greater visual experiences or a 3D walk-through of the products and services. Using advanced AR tools like Unity, Layar, Oculus, Vuforia, and many more, our development services for iOS and Android platforms craft a distinguished experience for the customers and increase customer traction.

Clavax’s AR app development team brings AR and VR app ideas to life by incorporating the latest app development frameworks built by famous tech giants like Apple (ARKit) and Google (ARCore). To take the AR apps to a new level, we build best-in-class solutions, featuring the latest technologies and innovations such as marker detection, geo-filtering, interactive pictures. As the best mobile app developers in Sydney Australia, we empower businesses to overlay the users' view with animated 3D content like objects or characters and even help users try the products before making the purchase. Raise the bar of your business by crafting impressive experiences and bringing your products to life with a virtual environment, 3D product modeling, in-store experience, etc.

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Hire Top Hybrid App Developers in Australia

We are the trusted hybrid mobile app development company in Sydney that use the latest cross-platform tools to build hybrid apps for startups and enterprises. With the support of all the mobile operating systems, our hybrid apps are developed with a robust performance like native apps helping developers to save time with the minimal amount of source code. Using industry-leading frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc. our best hybrid mobile app developers build the app using one code and submit the app to different platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

To build an amazing multi-platform experience across devices, we follow an innovative development approach including stages like project management, analysis, custom design, development, testing and more. We deploy the latest codes for a specific mobile device to keep it in sync with other smartphone applications with our transformative hybrid solutions built for clients to meet their web and mobile app development demands. Go for a hybrid app development service in Australia, if you want to reach a wider audience with quicker development & lesser maintenance requirements.

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Delivering Business Value Across Industries

Having a diverse portfolio, we are the web & mobile app development company Sydney that provides customized solutions to meet unique challenges in every industry helping organizations shape their path to success. With specialized expertise for different market sectors, we strive to help businesses attain business goals with industry-specific services.


Let your customers make smarter business decisions with our all-inclusive eCommerce solutions that enable brands and retailers to engage shoppers and drive conversion. Contact the top affordable sydney mobile app developers to connect with your customers from every touchpoint and boost sales with personalized offers on relevant products.

Real Estate

With innovative Real Estate IT solutions, you can automate the sales and streamline the business operations to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers. From basic features like property management solutions or organized property search to advanced real estate analytics, we have everything you need to build tailor-made solutions with desired features customized mainly for customers, renters, brokers, & aggregators.


Get access to a wide range of digital solutions for the education industry that enable students to improve productivity using technology in e-learning. Gain new heights of success with improved student experiences and enhanced institutional efficacy by working with the leading app development agency in Sydney, Australia.


With the perfect blend of life sciences and technology, we are committed to build technology-enabled care solutions and engage resources to serve patients better with a timely diagnosis. Talk with our expert mobile app developers in Sydney to promote smarter healthcare with innovative solutions building trust & credibility among the customer base.

Banking and Finance

To protect customer data and financial records, we are partnered with security vendors that enabled financial institutions to solve the toughest business challenges. If you want to streamline inefficient processes with new strategies and top-class solutions that will enhance your business value, choose next-gen experiences developed by top Australian mobile app developers.


With our specialized industry expertise in automobiles and best-in-class delivery processes, our solutions enable organizations to address critical business needs and improve their operational performance. Work with the best app development company in Sydney, Australia to drive innovation, adapt to the changes in the business environment, and attain profitable growth.


From the development of apps for efficient multimedia content distribution to scalable media streaming services, we have everything that can help entertainment firms to move forward. With new revenue models and in-depth expertise, Clavax builds custom software development services company in Australia for the media & entertainment industry that cater to evolving customer needs.


As a reliable mobile app development company in Australia, we build custom software solutions to transform the way sports are managed, practiced, and broadcasted on smartphones or desktops. Talk to our experts and take sports to a new level using our solutions built with robust functionalities like sports data management, fitness tracking, analytics, etc.


Our solutions enable the transportation and logistics industry to overcome their challenges in supply chain management, asset utilization, routes optimization, etc. for better delivery times and order fulfillment. If you are looking for the best mobile app development company Sydney, contact us to optimize costs, eliminate bottlenecks & unlock value in supply chain processes.

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We are a leading mobile app development firm in Sydney that holds extensive experience in Android and iOS app development services across several industries. Expand your brand presence with bespoke solutions especially tailor-made for your needs.

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Our Robust App Development Process

Requirement Gathering

Understanding the requirements is the first important step that ensures developers to figure out the business goals to be met by the app. Information is gathered, which are then analyzed to determine factors that impact development time & cost.

UX/UI Design

As one of the leading mobile app development companies in Sydney Australia, we focus on both the user experience & design to make your app a success. We aim to make the app as interactive as possible maintaining uniformity without hampering the speed of the mobile app.


We take your app concept and build a prototype to validate with end-users before you start investing in huge app development costs in Australia. Our app developers will test, review, design, and tweak as much as possible to get an outstanding result & save cost.

Quality Assurance

For the delivery of an ideal mobile app, our team of QA experts will test the app repeatedly using various advanced testing techniques. This step helps in resolving any bugs or errors in the app, which may cause the app to fail later.


Before deploying the project on locally hosted servers, our sydney mobile app developers ensure that the stability and usability of the app have been checked on various platforms. Any undesirable changes recorded will be fixed before the final deployment of the app.


Even after your project is live and accessible, we are happy to assist you in case of any modifications or regular maintenance support to keep the app updated as per evolving market needs.

Ready to Bring Your Idea to Life?

Clavax is a leading mobile app development firm in Sydney that delivers high-performance mobile apps for startups and enterprises customized to help every business paved their way of success. Contact us to turn your ideas into reality with solutions that guarantee maximum growth under minimal budget.

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Get Sydney App Developers Cost Estimate in a Fraction of Minutes

Apps have become a necessity for businesses to reach their users that are rapidly going mobile. Irrespective of any platform you choose to develop your app, knowing the cost of app development would be a smart choice to plan your budget ahead. Clavax offers an easy-to-use mobile app cost calculator that enables clients to get the closest development cost of the app before they kickstart their business ideas. No matter how big your organization is, we build apps as per the set deadline and the budget without compromising the quality. Choose the features you want to incorporate on your app and pay only for what you need.

Hire a team of experienced app developers from top mobile app development company Sydney, Australia that are aware of the latest innovations and technologies to meet the changing user demands. Get in touch to transform your innovative ideas into reality at a cost-effective development price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mobile app development important for your business?

Do you know? More than 60% of the traffic comes from smartphones and portable devices. Mobile apps are playing a major role in the increasing usage time due to their ease of accessibility and engagement rate. It allows businesses to directly interact with their customers and build connections with them. Therefore, build your customer base and make them loyal to your brand.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app for business?

Today, mobile apps have become a necessity of modern businesses. The cost of a building depends solely on the features and function requirements of your business. The average cost of building your business mobile app varies from $30,000 to $70,000 based on various parameters. However, you can use our “cost calculator tool” to determine the estimated cost based on your requirements.

Will you sign an NDA to keep your mobile app development ideas confidential?

Yes, of course! We know the importance of your ideas and plans. We values your ideas and keep you comply with it. We always sign an NDA before you disclose your valuable ideas and other information to our experts.

Will you deploy my mobile app over the Android or iOS marketplace?

Yes! We will deploy your mobile app over the Android (Google Play Store) and iOS App Store. You don’t have to worry about the development process, just focus on your business and leave everything to us. Thus, keep focusing on your business and leave everything to us.

Why should I choose Clavax over other mobile app development companies?

Clavax is an award-winning Android and iOS mobile app development company in Sydney, Australia. We build the best iPhone and Android apps based on your business plans. We use the latest technologies and languages like- Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Python, etc., and leading Android frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, and many more. We ensure your app through encryption methods to make your business secure and safe.

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