Month: October 2015

  • App Design: Keeping it Simple!

    App development has transformed into a complex process where simplicity trumps the features and functionalities. Creating that balance between a powerful application with a rich feature-set and a simple interface is a seemingly hard task. Numerous features, use cases, page flows or app-user interactions can often render the design messy. However, as designers and app developers, what do they do?The answer to this apparently complicated...

  • Discovering Kentico 8: The Top Developer Features

    With every new version upgrade, Kentico CMS introduces new features and functionalities, driven by the community and their focus groups. Kentico has given a facelift to their new edition of Kentico, covering a lot of topics and requirements for developers, besides redesigning the entire UI to better suit the less technical users. Here a key areas of development changes that are going to be a huge benefit for the developers.Modules Modules...

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