Month: May 2016

  • Big Data, Big Benefits: A Walk-Through

    The 21st century can be categorized by an environment where data has become interwoven in the global economy. As the human capital and hard assets are important, data has acquired the same importance in the modern economic activity.With the burgeoning data, the organizations felt the need to extract benefits for their businesses. This marked the arrival of the all-time granddaddy, yes, the Big Data!It not only brought together large chunks of...

  • Analyzing the Driving Factors Behind a Top Grossing App

    It takes nothing more than a simple effort to create a highly successful app. When it comes to development, there are few noticeable patterns that contribute in achieving such sort of traction. Before you take your first step, here are some of those patterns that are worth giving a look:SimplicityApps like Instagram and Angry Birds requires nothing more than a single tap to get its full experience. The main secret behind the success of these...


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