Month: March 2018

  • How Will Big Data Revolutionize Mobile App Development Industry?

    Remember the time when having a mobile phone in your pocket was a new and exciting feeling? As the technology advances over the years, phones have become an inevitable part of our life that has completely change the way we live or work. We rely on the apps installed on our phones to perform several tasks which involve the use of data. To get insights from the information generated every day by the users while using apps, data need to be...

  • Is Android the Best Fit for Enterprises?

    There is no denial in the fact that Android is one of the most commonly used smartphones loved by many. The use of Android is also becoming common in the enterprise and is making a huge impact on how employees handle their daily tasks despite having only 30% of the enterprise market (2017). Let’s find out how an Android phone is a good option not just for personal use but also for enterprises.Overcoming Hurdles with Android...

  • How Emerging CMS Trends are Making a Difference

    Following the digital revolution, savvy enterprises are exploring innovative ways to harness the surging tide of content. Implementing content management system is a smart way to organize and maintain organization’s ever-increasing volumes of content. Regardless of the industry, it helps your workforce to get smarter and faster in publishing additional information. With powerful CMS search engines, you can enhance online branding by...


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