Month: June 2018

  • The Rise of Building Chatbots: Native or Cross Platform?

    Conversational AI i.e Chatbots are the new user interface for connecting people to your brand’s products and services. Upcoming years are going to be amazing for chatbots. A study by Juniper forecasts, businesses with chatbots will save $8 billion per year and is estimated to generate $20 million in revenue this year.Chatbot Developers are building intelligent bots to solve significant problems like availability 24*7, dedicated...

  • How Artificial Intelligence Capabilities Make your Digital Business Smarter

    Starting from chatbots to predictive analytics, developers are exploring innovative solutions to add artificial intelligence and deliver more than client’s expectations. AI and machine learning, both are on its way to bring an extraordinary change in about every segment of the day-to-day business.Do you know, the impact of AI technologies on businesses is projected to increase employee productivity by 40% and enabling them to make more...

  • Apple WWDC 2018: What’s New and How It’s Driving the Future

    One of the biggest dates in Apple calendar is WWDC, Worldwide Developer Conference. The most awaited event is a time of major announcements from Apple, and 2018 is no different. From the launch of new iOS 12 to other advancements in the operating system, here is a list of all the big announcements of this year and how they will impact Apple user’s life.1. Teamed Up with Pixar to Create a New File Format, Just For ARApple has collaborated...

  • Headless CMS: All You Need to Know

    Many of us have heard about “Headless CMS” but not everyone understands how it works and the value it offers. Nearly every website is using content management system today to manage content effectively. Unfortunately, traditional CMS doesn’t provide good flexibility while integrating new delivery formats. To avail mobile/IoT functionality & address the challenges, developers prefer using headless.Let’s unravel the...

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