• Top Big Data Analytics Trends That Will Dominate 2019

    Even though there is an overwhelming amount of information created every day that is valuable for the growth of the businesses, it can be a challenging task to extract actionable insights from all the data. To cope up with such situation, huge enterprises and small companies rely on big data to stay ahead in the competition with business-driven data approach. 2018, the significant year of data is coming to an end. Research says Big Data Market...

  • Step into Retail Innovation with Augmented Reality

    While many in the retail industry have introduced the try-before-you-buy feature in their apps, retailers like Walmart help shoppers to compare product prices through barcode scanner using Augmented Reality. Thanks to innovations in Augmented Reality, retailers are revolutionizing their scanning operations and mobile data capturing to deliver superior shopping experiences. While Amazon is an obvious leader when it comes to retail tech, but...

  • Is Blockchain the right choice to power Customer Loyalty Programs?

    A research suggests that the average customer is a member of more than 14 different loyalty programs but, generally active only in a handful. You may not always find customers who genuinely wish to stay loyal to your brand, in general cases, people mostly look for freebies, handouts, and lowest compared prices. It’s the era of complete transparency, customers rely on the brand which is open to their queries and follow a set of process...

  • Explore Top Trends Transforming the Future of Automation Testing

    Before the release of the project, software testing has become essential to ensure customer’s reliability and satisfaction in the application. Test engineers strive to catch bugs before the product is released but they often reappear, even with the best manual testing services. A term like automation is selling like hotcakes in the testing industry. Automation tests are easily created and can be extended to perform critical tasks. With...


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