• Accelerate Your Business Growth with Top Features and Trends of Magento Commerce

    2018 has been an amazing and successful year of Magento. To make next year more exciting, Magento has announced version 2.3.0 to maximize productivity while adding more security features throughout the platform.  By the end of 2017, we have seen bigger advantages with the release of 2.2.2 version which created a sense of curiosity in 2018. Now with 2018, innovative ideas are expected to flourish in the upcoming year. Adobe has recently...

  • Is Big Data Analytics Taking the Pharma Industry by Storm?

    Every company in the pharmaceuticals industry is overwhelming with data that are not easily capable of leveraging. Pharma manufacturers, research departments, hospitals, etc. generate a humungous amount of data from patients & retailers, putting them in a constant struggle with a low success rate in their R&D activities. Big Data Analytics can be extremely beneficial, as it can harness this data and gain timely insights for improved...


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