• How Big Data Analytics Has Become Treasure Trove for E-Commerce Industry

    We are living in a cognitive world where ‘data’ is the new oil. Every digital business wants to leverage data to provide differentiated customer service and fuel business growth. It is especially true for the E-Commerce industry which has emerged as an out-of-the-ordinary in the technology-driven economic landscape. In the digital age, where the number of smartphones is rising every day, the number of online buyers is expected to...

  • AR/VR Technology: Real Estate’s Next Revolutionist?

    Want to buy a home but struggling to find the right option? While today customers are certainly more empowered and spoilt for choices, the flip side is that immense information also makes decision-making challenging. As a result, numerous industries including real-estate is offering the greatest level of personalization to make the process seamless and hassle-free. In the real-estate industry, organizations are considering different...

  • How Industries Are Transforming Customer Care with AI Powered Bots

    Making life convenient is one of the foremost reasons why technology was developed. Artificial intelligence (AI) being a significant part of technology, has been immensely improving on this notion. The chatbot technology is an offspring of AI and ever since the technology came to existence, the user experience community is leveraging its potential to the fullest.  To make things simpler, each industry is utilizing the power of chatbots...


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