• How Real-time Features in Mobile App are Fostering Customer Engagement?

    Technology is continuously evolving. From being optional features to a compulsive one, real-time technology has become a significant requirement in the success of your mobile app. We are living in a mobile-driven era, where the majority of us spend time interacting with mobile apps. Some of the popular applications that are dominating the world of app stores are instant messaging, maps, on-demand taxi and food ordering apps.  No matter...

  • Headless Vs Decoupled: Which CMS Architecture is Better Option for Your Business

    Content is King! Yes, you’ve heard all this before. Content is important. However, who is managing the content? While developing a website, often the question arises, “What’s Next?” But usually, it is forgotten. Thus, there are a plethora of websites that are launched but couldn’t sustain in the marketplace without a constant upgrade in its content.  Undoubtedly, a content management system is a smart tool...

  • Are Chatbots the Future of Conversational Intelligence?

    Today, customers have plenty of options to choose from and the margin of difference between the competitors is becoming lesser every day.  The overall customer experience is one factor that mainly impacts their buying decisions. Delivering an exceptional experience is impossible with human effort only, which is why automation and intelligence are needed. The answer is Chatbot!Chatbots have taken the business world by storm and they are...


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