• Explore Hidden Opportunities of Augmented Reality & Mobile App Development

    We’re well in 2019, and a trend that started a few years back in now in full swing: augmented reality app development. The reason for this tremendous growth is simple, unlike VR, mobile AR has a huge installed hardware base. According to recent statistics by Forbes, Apple estimates 200 million existing phones can run ARKit apps and Google says at least 100 million can run on ARCore today.In addition to games, augmented reality app...

  • How Technology is disrupting the Food Industry in 2019

    Best investments are worth the risk and that’s what technology is bringing to us! As a business owner, you must be aware of the aggressive technology implementation in every possible aspect. The most advancing ones include the implementation of Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence, nearing a disruption for the Restaurant Industry.  Let’s keep the focus on letting things be simple and understandable. Firstly...

  • Customer Loyalty Programs are necessary than ever!

    Having a loyalty program working for your brand is not just imperative for your business but its more of a necessity! Why? Customers today are demanding, they have a lot of options to explore and a few reasons to stick with one brand for long.  It’s only the customer loyalty programs which can retain them and keep them bonded. Companies throughout the nation are utilizing loyalty programs more often than ever and have started...

  • How is a Real Estate Mobile App imperative for Business Growth?

    Mobile apps are imperative! Unlike the times when websites were the first option to look for a brand, today, mobile apps have taken the front row attracting a better user base and building customer trust. Currently, mobile app accounts for over 80% of mobile times wherein 58% of millennials and 46% of homebuyers have found their home on a mobile device!Real Estate market is competitive and not everyone is working the right way, most business...


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