• Keeping Business Continuity Intact Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disturb economies across the globe, almost all the industries have been affected by the fallout leading towards huge implications for the workplace and the project deliveries. With a crisis like this, companies need to act smart in order the survive. To ensure business continuity and be there to support customers in every way possible, we have developed efficient BCPs (Business Continuity Plans) along with...

  • How Loyalty Programs Boost Business for Hospitality Industry

    A loyalty program rewards the customers, encouraging them to make repeated visits and purchases with a brand. While in the case of the hospitality industry, maintaining a loyalty program is relatively tough than others in the league.Related Article : Strategies to Create the Right Loyalty Program that Retains CustomersFor instance, if a customer is willing to purchase medicines, he generally has a trusted chemist shop. In the case of...

  • Mistakes That Startups Must Avoid While Outsourcing Software Development

    Every startup faces its own challenges and struggles while getting their businesses off the ground. From deciding the time period for the development to the money needed for the software development, business founders of the startups have a difficult task to balance investors, business execution, development flow, target customers, etc. We know that it’s normal for every business to look for the shortest ways to help them complete their...


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