• PoC vs MVP vs Prototype: Which Strategy You Should Prefer to Build a Market Fit Solution

    Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise-level organization, everyone wants to build a solution that is liked by the audience to achieve success in the future. The most common ways that help entrepreneurs to reach their goal is by Proof of concept (POC), Prototype, and minimum viable product (MVP).  But what do they stand for? And which should you choose for your business? These are some of the frequently asked questions that are...

  • How App Clips is a New Gateway to Acquire More Customers for Your Business

    A few years back, Apple introduced a phrase, “there’s an app for that!”. With continuous technological advancements and an increase in mobile app usage, Apple launched App clips at WWDC 2020.  The app store has nearly 2 million apps, and hundreds of them go live every single day. That means asking users to download new apps becomes more challenging than ever. It leads to adding more money into App Store Search...

  • Top Mobile App Categories That Customers Value the Most during Pandemic

    As the COVID-19 outbreak affects the whole world, everyone has been forced to stay home and practice self-isolation, home quarantine & social distancing. Due to stringent lockdowns, several small and medium businesses are suffering & some have even shut down their businesses for an unforeseen period. There is no doubt that many industries like manufacturing, travel, tourism, real estate, & more have got major economic breakdowns...

  • Key Technologies That Will Dominate in the Post COVID Era

    With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the world has faced the greatest challenge that has transformed people’s lives on an unprecedented scale and impacted every industry. However, it is the advances in technology that have kept businesses moving during these tough times. As technology evolves at the time of the pandemic, keeping abreast of the technology trends is important to remain competitive & fulfill customers’ needs...

  • Top Technology Trends Leading the Real Estate Industry in 2020

    Real Estate operations are no more running the traditional way, they’re distinctive and far more advanced! Real estate mobile applications and websites today are receiving immense popularity, firstly due to the expanding digital possibilities, and secondly, in the pandemic suffering era we hardly are left with options! With all the rapid changes in the real estate industry, business owners are required to be known and all prepared for...

  • Is Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Beneficial For Mobile App Development?

    What is the one thing that is common between successful apps like Uber, Instagram, and Spotify? They all have a minimum viable product (MVP).  Building apps is no small undertaking, neither they are cheap nor easy to maintain. So, it is smart to consider launching an MVP before moving ahead with a new mobile app. The minimum viable product allows us to see whether the app grows in the market and will its...

  • Rise of Fitness Apps & Winning Strategies behind Top Ones

    The outbreak of coronavirus has impacted the lives of almost everyone all over the world. As we are aware that pandemic has got everyone confined to their houses with restrictions in physical meetings to curb the virus spread, many are under psychological distress due to self-isolation & home quarantine. This lockdown has led to an increased concern on both mental and physical health. Talking about the business world, almost every business...

  • Why Businesses Need On-Demand Apps to Survive During COVID Outbreak?

    With the outbreak of coronavirus, the whole world is witnessing the hardest times and almost every business sector is getting impacted. Despite several efforts made to reduce the outbreak and flatten the curve, there are still many active cases in different countries, unlike New Zealand that has no new reported cases. With no proper vaccine, the only feasible way to stay safe from the virus that tends to spread with human-to-human contact is...

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