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  • How Much Mobile App Development Cost in India

    Developing a mobile app is an ideal strategic action taken by large-scale enterprises and startups to promote business services and boost ROI. Apps are continuously booming in the market by providing convenience on day-to-day tasks. With time, if you want to expand your business to all the potential prospects all the time, then leveraging the potential of the digital world becomes a mandate. However, the question of mobile app development...

  • PWA vs. Native Mobile Apps: Which One is better?

    With the evolution of technologies, every organization is bringing swift changes in their business processes to help them deliver a better customer experience. More and more people are spending time on mobile devices to access online services in this digital world we live in. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without our smartphones! No customers have time for bad experiences and their demands are increasing more than ever over the years...

  • How to Choose Top Cross-Platform Frameworks for Mobile App Development in 2021?

    As we witness the growing popularity of mobile apps, it is becoming crucial for every organization to have a customized app for their business services. Talking about mobile app development, most of us only believe in the native app development approach. These apps are built especially for a single platform i.e. either for Android or iOS, which means it can be quite expensive if you want to target customers using both platforms. That is where...

  • 10 App Ideas for Startups to Launch and Level Up their Game in Market

    Launching an app is a great idea when you are planning to take your business to the next level. An app brings on-the-go experience and hosts several other benefits, including customer loyalty. However, building the next million-dollar app is not easy. Validating the app concept is the foremost significant factor while creating a successful app. It takes a lot of effort to build a scalable app. So, before you invest, you should be confident...

  • Can Mobile Apps Help Us Fighting the Pandemic?

    Mobile Apps have been the most trending topic lately but what may amaze you all is the fact that mobile applications are aiding the pandemic woes in the COVID 19 era, helping one and all to not just survive but fulfill regular requirements without even stepping out. While all industries are trying to combat the pandemic, Mobile Application Development plays a crucial part in fighting the pandemic by making use of the latest technologies.Rise...

  • How Self-Service Technology Will Transform The Future of Restaurant Industry?

    As we know the ongoing pandemic is impacting our lives and businesses to a huge extent, the contactless business is coming to the trend. If we talk about the restaurant industry, many dining cafes need to prepare for restored and enhanced service operations post COVID era. Customers demand the usage of technologies for convenience and ease along with quick service. As more and more diners place huge value on faster ordering & instant...

  • What are the Most Demanding Back-End Programming Languages for 2021?

    As we come to the end of the year 2020 in just 4 months, businesses need to keep themselves updated with the latest development trends & technologies to meet the evolving needs of your customers. Living in the ever-changing business world of today, every organization is looking for ways to survive & gain a competitive advantage. Talking about the programming language, it is one of the most crucial features behind the success of any app...

  • How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App? Financial App Development Cost App Development Cost

    FinTech app development is 2020’s hottest trends in the banking and FinTech industry. One of the prominent reasons behind the emergence of the FinTech trend is a vast evaluation of online payment methods. It has opened the doors of opportunities for various FinTech organizations. FinTech companies like MoneyLoin and Nubank are witnessing exponential growth with some eye-opening figures. If you are aiming to be the next FinTech future...

  • PoC vs MVP vs Prototype: Which Strategy You Should Prefer to Build a Market Fit Solution

    Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise-level organization, everyone wants to build a solution that is liked by the audience to achieve success in the future. The most common ways that help entrepreneurs to reach their goal is by Proof of concept (POC), Prototype, and minimum viable product (MVP).  But what do they stand for? And which should you choose for your business? These are some of the frequently asked questions that are...

  • How App Clips is a New Gateway to Acquire More Customers for Your Business

    A few years back, Apple introduced a phrase, “there’s an app for that!”. With continuous technological advancements and an increase in mobile app usage, Apple launched App clips at WWDC 2020.  The app store has nearly 2 million apps, and hundreds of them go live every single day. That means asking users to download new apps becomes more challenging than ever. It leads to adding more money into App Store Search...

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