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  • Defining the Next Steps at the Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

    The Coronavirus is affecting millions of lives and disrupting thousands of businesses across the globe. When unprecedented happens, you must manage through the crisis and position your organization for what’s ahead while supporting your employees. On this page, we will provide assistance paired with tangible actions for your organization to address the situation now and set you up for what’s next.Influential Impact of COVID-19 on...

  • How Mobile App Development Bring Success to Fitness Industry

    The rising number of diseases is a leading cause of the global fitness app market’s growth. Today, consumers are ready to pay a hefty amount to stay fit and keep track of their fitness daily. You definitely can’t ignore the potential that the global fitness app market holds. Uncover the gaps and explore opportunities to grow your business stronger. Healthcare and fitness app development is a smart and innovative way to introduce...

  • Keeping Business Continuity Intact Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disturb economies across the globe, almost all the industries have been affected by the fallout leading towards huge implications for the workplace and the project deliveries. With a crisis like this, companies need to act smart in order the survive. To ensure business continuity and be there to support customers in every way possible, we have developed efficient BCPs (Business Continuity Plans) along with...

  • How Loyalty Programs Boost Business for Hospitality Industry

    A loyalty program rewards the customers, encouraging them to make repeated visits and purchases with a brand. While in the case of the hospitality industry, maintaining a loyalty program is relatively tough than others in the league.Related Article : Strategies to Create the Right Loyalty Program that Retains CustomersFor instance, if a customer is willing to purchase medicines, he generally has a trusted chemist shop. In the case of...

  • Mistakes That Startups Must Avoid While Outsourcing Software Development

    Every startup faces its own challenges and struggles while getting their businesses off the ground. From deciding the time period for the development to the money needed for the software development, business founders of the startups have a difficult task to balance investors, business execution, development flow, target customers, etc. We know that it’s normal for every business to look for the shortest ways to help them complete their...

  • Discover Top 10 popular Node.js Frameworks that will Dominate in 2020

    As digital is transforming industries at a rapid speed, developers are opting for smart and new technologies for their web development requirements. Since the launch, Node.js and its frameworks are getting extreme popularity as it brings a lot of advantages and features for development. Before we move forward, let’s understandHire a Dedicated DeveloperWhat is Node.js?It is a cross-platform run-time environment that is generally used to...

  • Clavax Recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform

    San Jose, CA, Feb 17, 2020: Clavax Technologies, one of the fastest-growing companies best known for delivering smart cloud solutions across the globe, today announced that it has attained Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in Cloud Platform. Recognizing the company’s year-long expertise and impact in the technology marketplace, Microsoft has honored Clavax among the Gold Certified Partners...

  • Artificial Intelligence Transforming Education

    Academics are turning more personalized and a way more convenient for the students. It can surely be treated as an achievement due to the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence field. With the numerous applications modifying the way we’re learning and making education more accessible to the students.    It's not just the students who benefit from the technology implementations, AI can help in automating and...

  • Why your E-Commerce Needs a Progressive Web Application

    With the emergence of progressive web apps in 2015, many organizations have leveraged its capabilities to deliver highly engaging user experiences and increase the user base. Using PWA many notable organizations like Trivago, Twitter, OYO, and Walmart have doubled conversation rates in a short time interval.The PWA advantage in E-commerce Business PWA topmost benefit is that it combines the best of native app and web capabilities. Here are a...

  • Big Data Predictions in 2020

    According to the World Economic Forum, it is predicted by 2020 that the amount of data we produce will reach a staggering 44 zettabytes. Data is ever-expanding, and it needs to be handled & gathered in the best possible way. To date, we have seen big data analytics making the massive shift in the way business is being done but it can be exciting to see what technology has in store in 2020. Let’s find out the top data analytics...

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